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Hello,   I am using TestStand 4.2 to remotely communicate with and control an MXA N9020A to perform bandwidth analysis at -3dBc and lower.  The commands I am using are as per the manual including ":CALC:BWID:NDB-3.00" and ":CALC:BWID:RES?".  All works fine and provides the delta frequency bandwidth at -3dBc.  What I cannot

The measurements were on an MF antenna system on which there were signals from local high power AM stations with an amplitude similar to the signal level from the Fieldfox at the input to the antenna matching unit.The matching unit has automatic tuning and resistance adjustment with the objective of providing 50 +j0 ohms at the input. The fieldfox
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Hello guys!  I am new to ADS and EM simulations in general, so sorry if I ask some stupid questions.  I am trying to design a PCB with ~5 cm lines which run from 1 surface SMA to another. Simple point to point connection.  I designed the layout of 1 line in Circuit Maker and exported it as ODB data base to ADS. So far