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The emergence of 5G mobile communications is set to revolutionize everything we know about the design, testing, and operation of cellular systems. The industry goal to deploy 5G in the 2020 timeframe demands mmWave over-the-air (OTA) requirements and test solutions in little more than half the time taken to develop the basic 4G MIMO OTA test

I came across an older Fieldfox N9912A today with firmware version A.05.53. The RTC battery appears to be dead as the date resets each restart. It seems to work fine and I'd like to update the firmware but after reading that the new firmware is picky about date changes I'm not so sure it is a good idea. The best solution is to have the RTC battery
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SI/PI Workshops. - SI 1. HSD basic 2. Serdes simulation 3. SIPro 4. Via Designer and CILD - PI 1. Power Integrity Workshop
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Hello guys!  I am new to ADS and EM simulations in general, so sorry if I ask some stupid questions.  I am trying to design a PCB with ~5 cm lines which run from 1 surface SMA to another. Simple point to point connection.  I designed the layout of 1 line in Circuit Maker and exported it as ODB data base to ADS. So far