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I would like to substitute one of the timed filters used as a channel filter in an example system simulation with measured S2P of an actual filter. I've tried to use transient analysis in a subsheet to enable this, but I'm getting a lot of time step errors. Has anyone done this successfully?  

At the following link   N9923A-308 Vector Voltmeter | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)    it says "FieldFox offers the key functionalities of the HP 8058A, in a handheld form-factor, and without the need for the bridge and accessories required with the HP 8058A.."  I find that a bit hard to
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Just as a heads-up to any other E4406A users on the board, I've ported my freeware GPIB spectrum-surveillance utility (SSM.EXE) and phase noise utility (PN.EXE) to the E4406A.  It works really well for these purposes and offers a good bang:buck ratio, given typical prices on eBay and the surplus market. For PN measurements on carriers