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Hello, I'm trying to connect to the PNA-X N5242A using LabVIEW, but I kept getting and error coming from the VISA Write Function.  To check if I'm connected properly I'm using NI MAX. It shows that the connection is correct, however when I use the VISA Test Panel to write operation I get the following error: VISA: (Hex 0xBFFF003A)

Hello, I am new to ADS. Hence, I am elaborating my problem. Please give a detailed answer. I have discrete values of current (I) and voltage (V) in a table. I have written the values of current and voltage in a CITI file. I am trying to read a CITI file using DAC.  Now, I want to use these values in a SDD and plot current vs. voltage. But,
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Hi,   I'm using the application 'Polarization Navigator', and here are some parameters that i don't know the exact meanings when setting the polcontroller, so can someone help me?   1. about the hold off time of the polcontroller if I set the hold off time 1ms, the polcontroller will change to next sequence 1ms after the ploarimeter