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i came across another problem..actually i have to simulate the power amplifier given in the NXP application note .i have attched the schamtic given by in the schamtic you see there are two types of baluns used . one balun in input which is T1 and other two baluns in parallal T2,T3 i found the model for T1 input balun which is

I use the 34401A DMM and connect it via GPIB to my computer. Two questions: What is the maximum cable length between the DMM and my computer with this type of connection? How close can a GPIB cable run next to a 230 V power cable? Can they run side by side in a cable channel for 4 m or do they need a certain distance as part of the
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I've been looking for more models aside from the ones in ADS Analog/RF Libraries > RF TRansistors, as I need a good  model for a MOSFET that works at a few GHz. I was thinking of importing the libraries from manufacturers, but quickly found out that some (notably SiMKit from NXP) are already bundled with ADS. I can't find the models
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I was using LTspice for the simulation and I am trying out ADS to test its advantage for my task.   I would like to have a BPSK and BFSK modulator and demodulator circuit. In LTspice I was doing this modulator block and with the combination of spice directives. I dont have an idea of how you do it in here at ADS. I am more of the signal