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I am trying to output a log header in xml format, my output should look like this  <Test Number ="34" value="555" />   So i have been playing with print using  .....   Now in my bt basic environment I have defined bellow   F$ = """<Test Number=""  ,"""& val$(34) & """,""

Catchy title, right?  Anyways, I have written a program that talks to an Agilent 34970A roughly every minute (variable depending on input values, and also random depending on input values) and scans through almost 20 channels. I then parse all the data and make sure everything looks right. I have run into several issues, and I have worked
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Hello,   Does anyone know if it is possible to modified the number of points that you get in the simulation? for example, when I try to export the file of the S11 parameter, can I get a particular number of points? I can do it using python, but I prefer configure the software to get faster simulations.
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Hey all, I am having trouble identifying an SCPI command that will allow me to save a screenshot of my analyzer screen to a file in a designated directory on my PC. I am using a N9010A Signal Analyzer with Command Expert and I simply need to save a screenshot to a folder as a .PNG file type. Thanks in advance!