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Go straight to the Knowledge Center article (login required): How to Create your own 3D Smith Chart Plots --------------------------------------- Engineers surround themselves with the best tools they can find. For the RF engineer, a new tool discussed in the literature recently is the Cylindrical 3D Smith Chart (also called the

Has anyone any experience with the .NET function "serialPort.Read (buffer, offset, count);" Under VEE 9.3? The function runs error-free. The function returns me only the "count". The function "serialPort.ReadByte ()" can read data and works well! Apparently "buffer" is not filled! Can someone help me? Under C # the functions work very well!
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We are trying to understand some periodic noise that we have observed on 10K Thermistor measurements taken with a 34980a. It seems to occur on the 1st or lowest numbered channel setup to measure 10k-Thermistors. The reported output from six such thermistors can be seen in the chart below. This is data of the output of 6 10K Thermistors that we
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Can anyone confirm the full pinout of this port please (i/o Option 1AX). I'm settting up the Analyser to be managed via ILC NetLink but can't find the full pinout in any of the documentation and I'm not sure it we're using the usual 2,3,5, 7 & 8 (don't even know if RTS/CTS is on or off). Thanks in advance for any info or pointer to