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I am having an issue with my 34972A USb communication randomly failing. Some times it will run for days without issue then fail, sometimes it will only run 20 minutes and fail.  

The 34972A will continue scanning until manually stopped, but BenchLink won't link with it, nor upload the data.  I saw this same problem posted last year but there was no answer.  I've tried 3 different 34972A's and they all randomly lose communication.  This only seems to happen with USB 34972A's.  Please help.
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Hi, I had my 34972A communicating awhile back but now the Agilent Connection Expert (ACE) indicates "there was a commuincation failrue" and the error is "The instrument failed to return an IDN string".  I can no longer communicate with the instrument through my code or Agilent Interactive I/O.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled