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Hello!   Since last year I'm using remote control of PNA N5232A with python-implementation of HiSLIP. Nowadays our laboratory has bought two new PNA N5231A, and usage of the remote control cause next problem with data transfers messages from Server (N523xA) to client:    1. If data is short (length of data  is smaller

Hi all   to simulate the behaviour of an AM rx chain i used a multisource providing 3 Signals: the carrier, the left and the right sidetone.      My problem right now is, that i found no way to make the channel frequency of the System  depending on the carrier frequency (Freq_Sig) so that I easily can vary both via
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Python is a programming language that lets you work quickly and integrate systems more effectively. It’s been used in many areas such as Statistical Analysis, or Artificial Intelligence; and it is also very useful in Device Modeling. Today we are going to introduce the Python integration with Keysight IC-CAP device modeling platform
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Hello! The model is used is ENA Series Network Analyzer E5061B (300 kHz - 3 GHz). First of all, I am interested in some details about changing the Calibration Kit Definition. I've read all about it in the user's guide and haven't answered all my question, at least I don't have full understanding.   1) I can't figure out whether or not