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Hello. This is a fundamental yet important question. Where to begin? I have been working on a stacked patch antenna. In the substrate definition model, the groundplane is listed as an open boundary with infinite dimensions. When I simulate my antenna with an infinite groundplane, I notice very smooth curves and well-defined vallies. However,

when I run the cmd: vams auto_encrypt Error loading plugin name=auto_encrypt library=security error= Unable to find library file :security     where to find the security lib?
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Hello, I am new to ADS momentum . I am just simulating  a simple CPW line in ADS 2014 . It is on 0.3 mm GaAS (Er 12.9) substrate and Signal line width is 0.08mm and gap is 0.03mm.Simulation frequency is 1-40GHz. I don't understand how to assign the port to Ungrounded CPW in Momentum.I have tried using slot line but in slot you cannot give
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I have a general question about what exactly the S-parameter simulation is doing in Momentum. Say i have a layout that has 8 internal ports( for smt pads) and then 1 in and 1 out port, for a total of 10 ports.  I am concerned that when momentum runs this simulation, it stimulates one port while all the others are terminated in 50 ohm loads.