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HI, I have a trusty HP8563E opt 006 that has served me well for over 30 years, unfortunately yesterday it failed due to the 600MHz LO for the second low band converter now being at -15dBm at A15J701. I am looking for the schematics for the A15 assembly for my device as the issue looks eminently reparable.   Thanks for any

Hi, I know this error has been mentioned before but this error occurs Intermittently with my VEE code when I am saving SnP files to a folder on the ENA. The SnP file does save ok and the data appears to be complete and correct even when the error appears. My problem is that the warning does not appear the first time my code (user object) executes
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This is regarding the selection of best RBW for spectrum analyzer (PXA). Span is 1GHz, number of sweep points 10001. I think PXA has 1001 display points or pixels. In this case, bucket size is 100 KHz(1GHz/10001).  RBW of 100 KHz will cover one bucket and 1 MHz will cover 10 buckets. Which is better RBW of 100 KHz or 1 MHz?. Or what is the
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I have a Agilent 3458A that needs a Cal Ram battery, however, I need to find out the manufacturing date. The SN is 2823A18621 and the is no date on the back of the unit. According to the Keysight instructions, "For units shipped between June 2008 and September 2008 the errors are caused by bad SRAM and the entire A5 assembly must be
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hello everyone, i design a 10 bit Impedanz Tuner now, someboday know how to control the switch, cos for every simulation i must turn on a switch.  Could somebody give me an advise how to simplify the procedure. Thanks, Danke