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s2p -> ADS, calculate Z abnormal, calculate Y & S normal. Why? Thanks!     Simulation / Synthesis Messages Warning detected by hpeesofsim during SP analysis `SP1'. The Z-parameter matrix does not exist because some or all of the Z-parameters are infinite. Setting all Z-parameters to zero. Warning detected by

I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue. I have been using the commands "CALCulate<cnum>:DATA:SNP:PORTs? for reading SNP and  "CALCulate<cnum>:DATA:SNP:PORTs:SAVE <"x,y,z">,<filename>" to remotely save s2p data to a specified file path. On the first command, the Command Expert is prompting for x,y,z
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Hello,   I would like to use an 11970W external mixer on my 8562E : impossible to find the signal identifier in the various menus. Looking at the user manual gave the astonishing answer : present if software revision <920528 or option 008. Funny : if I fit this old revision (I have 97XXXX) cal is impossible as the TAM
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HI i am new at RF characterization techniques . I am currently working on the uncertainty estimation for a measurement based on one port S11 reflection measurement. I download the uncertainty calculator and introduced my analyzer and calibration kit. What i want to know is how i have to apply the uncertainty charts for the S11 magnitude and phase