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Hello   I have a couple of U1272A devices, that I want to communitcate with using C code. I can see them on my device manager as a com ports.   My question is, where I can find a list of commands to get readings from the device?

I am using an 8753D network analyzer. It has three BNC connectors labeled R, G, and B for use with an external video monitor. I test and tune huge RF components for the high power TV broadcast market and often the analyzer is some 30 feet away from me and I have a hard time seeing the internal display while tuning. I need a source to find a
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Hello All,   Please accept this note as a rant and I am bloody PO.  I am using AFR on the PXI network analyzer.  AFR works great but has a major, major flaw (Keysight will call it a feature).  We have AFR only on one VNA.  This was done because besides measuring data AFR can also read s-parameter files.  So we take
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Can anyone shed some light on the measurement uncertainty specifications for a HP8753D Network analyser; Last month our company rented a HP8753D Network analyser complete with HP85032B calibration kit to measure the reflection parameter performance of our product. When looking at the performance specifications for this analyser (using the