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my 36313A can't be used for both voltage and current in STEP  mode,neither the BOST and EBOT in output list. the maunual described not details.Can you tell me how to use them?

Hi, I have at work one 8590B that has suffer of boring problem of backup battery dead. I have replaced the battery (both lithium and supercap) and I tryed to recalibrate the instrument. When I performed early attempts, the 8590 says that not found the calibration signal. In effect it was displayed with a considerable offset. I have tryed a
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I am trying to speed up the PNA in pulsed mode when testing TR Modules. We have 21 test frequencies, and at each frequency we have to measure 32 Gain and Phase States of the module. Previously we did a frequency sweep for each module state, and downloaded the S21 pulsed data.   Since the module switches in usec, ideally we would like