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Hello   I use the MatlabOutput command a lot in ADS to allow processing of the simulation data in Matlab. Recently I installed ADS2016.01. It is a really nice release, I enjoy the customising of the annotation a lot. But I noticed that the .mat files generated by ADS2016.01 are corrupt.   To verify that it was not my fault, I ran the

Pat Harper
I saw a recent LinkedIn study that says most millennials who graduate from college this year will work for four different companies in the first decade of their career. I’m guessing my MBA students are amused when I tell them that early in my career, many engineers not only worked for a single employer for ten years, we sometimes worked on a
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Hi, I have 3 of this family scopes, one 54825A that is working fine, one scrap 54820A I use for parts and the other 54825A that has recently failed, the latter one displays a "Fine interpolator gain cal failed: Service is required" error and does not pass self test. This scope showed the same error 4-5 years ago and I replaced A/D part 1NB7-8353