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Eun-Young Hwang
Around the world, government statistics paint an unhappy picture: every year, thousands of people lose their lives and millions are injured in car accidents. In the US and Europe, recent government mandates are requiring automakers to incorporate various types of safety systems, and this is prompting scientists and engineers to develop new and

Hi everyone.I have a question about VBW function in the pna-x spectrum analyzer option.It uses FFT method to transfer signal from time domain to frequency domain,so it can't use low-pass filter as VBW filter.To solve the problem,trace average is used instead.The question is ,what's the mathematical relationship between RBW/VBW ratio and average
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I am studying a .ala PCIe trace in version 6.30.1011 of the Keysight Logic and Protocol Analyzer software.  Whenever I export the protocol viewer data to a CSV file (I use the 'CSV' toolbar button located in the protocol viewer), the payload field in the CSV file is always truncated to 60 bytes.   I have a strong need to write the