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Hi, I am using MSOX4024A to measure a small envelop variation of a large CW signal. As it is large CW signal, I can't have the whole signal peak-to-peak seen in the screen at the small vertical scale. I have to shift 0V axis out of the screen. When I make the vertical scale to 500mV/div, I see 1V ac variation of the envelop. When I make the

Some of you may see this as a bashing post and im sorry if you see it that way but as a loyal 8510 user for several generations ( A-C) im just venting and speaking out what many of my colleagues in the industry are thinking ! Finally it seems that Agilent has decidet to turn their backs on one of the most sucessfull VNA system ever build, lets
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I have a three port S-parameter file with port 1 as a single ended input and ports two and three froming a differential pair as the output. I want to meaure the transfer function between ports 1 and the output differential pair and I'm not sure how to set it up. I would think the transsfer voltage function from one with a sense across 2 and three.