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I'm having problems getting my simulation to run correctly when using the twta token .  the sim works fine when i use the gain token.  the qpsk constellation looks strange when the twta token is used in place of the gain token. attached are two files one that "works" (using the gain token) and  another that doesn't work (using the
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1-is it possible to use a s2p file with the cal-fixture simulator with the active measurement being a s21 measurement with only a response thru cal?  2-as a quick check, if i selected a s2p file of a 3 dB attenuator as my fixture and the active measurement was a 2-port cal of a thru, with cal fixture sim on would i see a +3dB on s21? 3-is it
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I am taking data from an access database. However there are some NULL spaces in some of the tables. I need the entire tables with no nulls. so i found the remove null function but i can only change the null to an empty character or the null word. However when it output i still have the spaces between. Is there a way to remove them. Images 1 is