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I have R11644A WR-28 waveguide calibration kit and I want do full 2-port calibration (Short-Offset short-Load-Thru) calibration (Not TRL) Such a kit have sliding load. I have not found any manual how to use this micrometere adjustable sliding load. Can some one explain me how to use it? 

3 Weeks ago, i updated the U7243B from 3.00a to 3.20a. Also Updated Infiniium SW to 06.00.00628 (The Scope is DSO90804A with 13GHz Upgrade)   After Updated, 5G Far end Total jitter At BER-12 Test was not completed and reported following message.   Why this problem reported?   Last Version(3.00) was not reported and
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Hi,  two week ago when I wanted to use my hp 83480A, the scope didn't power up...few days before, everything was OK. I suspected that the problem was power supply but:   1- fuse was OK 2- If fan don't running, power supply shut down but, 2 fan was OK et RPM sense too. 3- All diagnostics leds was off. 3- I bought a used working power