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It is the trend to have higher data rate, lower voltage, and smaller board design. The effects that we used to ignore could lead to design failure, so that signal integrity becomes a hot topic for all high speed digital (HSD) design. This workshop will cover fundamental background of HSD signal(such as spectrum, Xtalk, and ISI) and practice

I am attempting to speed up a simulation by setting the edgeMeshLength parameter on individual sections of a coupled line filter.  However there isn't any documentation for empro.mesh.ModelMeshParameters or empro.geometry.Part.meshParameters properties.  Would it be possible to get some info on the meshParameters properties. 
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Following up on a previous discussion about field export from ADS FEM / EMpro (basically emds_viewer), I'd like to share a quickly developed snippet of python code, which is able to convert exported field given Keysight proprietary txt format (export from emds_viewer) to generic VTK legacy
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Hi All, I am currently trying to use a N6752A to emulate a battery charger. This is a task that I often perform with the E3633A. The task involves forcing the supply into CC mode with a voltage and current limit. I use a source meter(in this case the N6785A) to sink the current. The idea is that the supply increases current until it hits the