PSD measurement in 9322C

Document created by Prabhu on Apr 30, 2018
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I used keysight 9322C spectrum analyzer for measuring noise spectral density of a LDO right from 9 kHz to 100 kHz. Kept Y-axis scale unit as dBm, took the result in csv format and post processed the output, but the final result did not comply my spec limit. I need my result in dBm/sqrt Hz or dBuV/sqrt Hz. On this instance, I got few doubts and just want to get clarified.


My questions are

1. I kept my RBW as 10 Hz and took the result from the instrument and calculated. In this case, since my RBW is 10 Hz, do I have to normalize the result from 10 Hz to 1 Hz or the spectrum analyzer itself will by default measure the signal with respective to dBm/Hz or dBuV/Hz?

2. Please suggest, is there any technique should I follow to measure? A quick reply is very much appreciated.