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The Jive Activity Engine has two main pages available to it:  News and Inbox. Both contain different activity streams that will show different activity based on filters and settings.  On the News page you’ll have your custom streams you can create but you’ll also have two other stream types:  out of the box and news streams.  On the Inbox page you’ll have the Jive Inbox but you’ll also have the actions queue, your view page and getting started.  None of those are really streams but they live on the Inbox page.



There are three types of activity streams on the News page.  Some are created for you by community managers, some you create for your own subscriptions and some are out of the box and pre-populated.


News Streams – these are streams that the community managers can create on your behalf to “push” information they believe you need to be following.  These streams will appear at the top of the page under the “News” stream in the list.


Custom Streams – these are the streams you create for your own subscriptions.  These streams are detailed in another user guide but they are located starting with the “Connections Stream” and you can have a total of ten (10) custom streams.


Top & Trending – this stream will appear a little different then you’re used to seeing but will be auto populated based on content and people that are trending, popular and recommended to you.


Most Recent – this stream is out of the box and shows all activity that you can access, regardless of where or who posted it. If you can see it, it’ll be fed here.



Again, the Inbox page only really contains 1 stream, which is the Jive Inbox.  The other pages are more for your user experience.


Your View – this is a personal home page for each user that utilizes tiles to display information you care about.


Actions – this is a queue or list of all the actions and tasks you have been assigned as well as the ones that you have completed.