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When you see a piece of content that you know you’ll want to use later, you can bookmark it. Bookmarking adds a link to that content in your list of bookmarks. It’s easy to find the content again by going to your bookmarks page. You can bookmark within your community, or create bookmarks to external websites.


To create a bookmark for internal content


  1. Navigate to a piece of content you’ll want to be able to find again later, then click Bookmark from the menu on the right. The bookmark icon turns red, the word Bookmark changes to Bookmarked and the number of times the content has been bookmarked increases by one.
  2. Optionally click the number next to the Bookmarked icon to see who has bookmarked this content, too.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Enter information in the Your Title field then enter optional information in the Your Notes and the Your Tags fields. You can even @mention someone in your notes.
  • Optionally check the Make this bookmark private checkbox if you don’t want anyone in your community to be able to see your bookmark.
  • Click the Save button.


To view your bookmarks


Click the Magnifying glass Icon and choose the option Bookmarked on the far right of the window.  The last 10 bookmarks will be listed in the window.  If you do not see the one you are looking for click the options Show all bookmarks and you will be taken to the full list of your bookmarks.

Optionally on this same page is a filter for all bookmarks that are public.  Select that filter to see other bookmarks created by users in the community.