• 8753D network analyzer port extension feature

    After doing a 2-port cal, only the port 1 extension seems to work. I am using the same length extension coax for both ports. For port 1, I attach the extension coax with an open end and bring the Smith Chart back to i...
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  • Issues with SIPro

    Tried to run the sample program of the Panda_Board layout using DC IR Drop analysis.  Did exactly what the online video asked, but get an error with the following dialog:   Starting PI-DC simulation.The comm...
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  • Licensing and Upgrading

    The company for which I work has multiple licensed copies of Aglient VEE Pro - Version 9.3.15222.1 (Aug 22, 2011).   Do the licenses for this work for the Keysight version of the product?  If so, is...
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  • "execute reset" and "execute break"

    Hello,   Can anyone please explain what exactly "execute reset" and "execute break" do for USB in direct I/O?   Best Regards HD
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  • hp8560a a14 board

    I'm looking for schematics for the a14 board as I think the fault lies on there  .after much searching and having no luck finding the info I need I thought id try on here. any help would be appreciated as I ...
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  • 8722ET S11 looking into port 2

    I have an 8722ET which is showing almost a perfect open circuit after calibration when looking into port 2 (it improves a little with frequency but <5GHz the return loss is <1dB). Using port extensions suggests ...
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  • How to connect the 3.5mm female connector to the input port ?

    Hello, the outermost 3.5 mm connector that mates with the input/outport port of VNA N5242A came-off frome the device. I noticed that there are three parts to this assembly (1) The 3.5 mm connector itself (2) an adapte...
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  • How to connect my Digital Multimeter 34465A to PC using USB

    Hello,   I'm trying to use BenchVue together with my Digital Multimeter to measure some currents. I'm using BenchVue 2018 Update 2 and connecting to the PC via USB. In the "Start here..." section it says that in...
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  • How can i upload file from PC to spectrum analyzer(N9020A) using VEE?

    How can i upload file from PC to spectrum analyzer(N9020A) using VEE? i can copy file from instrumnet to pc using MMDM:DATA command. but i have no idea how to upload file from pc to instrument.   could yo...
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  • How to use a signal generator to trigger a single measurement? (PNA 5225A)

    Hello,   I am currently working on triggering a single measurement on the N5225A PNA with an external device. For the moment, I am just trying the trigger the measurement with a signal generator (sending square...
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  • how to take a fixed number of captures.

    On my MSO9404A ( ver. 06.40.01001), how do I  set a fixed number of captures so that when I start the scope it will take (say 100) captures and stop or pause keeping the last (or infinite persistence) waveform as...
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  • Driver for N5183A-520 in Windows Vista

    Hi, I have found the the driver for the signal generator N5183A-520 is available only for Windows 7,8 and 10. Where I can get the driver for windows vista ?? Whether the same driver (driver_ivi_matlab_AgilentRfSigG...
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  • VEE: Array Dynamic Size

    Question about VEE.   I am using an IO Object to query something from Instruments. The return results is a list (1D array) but the length of the list changed.   How do I use the IO object and set a dynami...
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  • Is it possible to output both channels simultaneously?

     Hello, I am making an arbitrary waveform for each channel using pgu33622. Those individual arbitrary signals for each channel should output simultaneously, or output with pre-set delay, using MATLAB. I could not...
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  • Wanted to read the values from the scanned channels using the VISA protocol "READ?"command. But this runs into a "timeoutexception". Though this seems like a hardware issue do we have a work around to get the values from the scanned channels using the VIS

    Work around for "Timeoutexception".
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  • Lynx3dm tab missing

    Setting up a used PNA for external Monitor display the Lynx 3dm+ tab is missing. On the Keysight PNA and PNA-L Series of Network Analyzers, what are the hot keys to set-up the various internal and exte…  ...
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  • HP 8595E conflict option 101 and 151

    I installed an option 101 card in an HP 8595E with option 151/163 and I get a conflict error when I want to use the Analog+ Display. Is there a way to use both card in the same unit without conflict ???  Is there...
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  • Power Supply E36311A compatibility with 230 V.

    Hello! I have one simple question. We are located in Belarus, where standard power line 230 V. Our power supply (E36311A-0E9) included europe power cord (250 V) in package. Could we change the...
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  • HP8591E Option 130

    Hello, I'm looking for the CLIP of the option 130 (Narrow bandwidth IF filters) for HP859xE series of analyzers. There are all the CLIPS available except for option 130. The board numbers: 08590-60352 or 08591-60...
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  • SiPro Differential S-Parameter Plots

    Hi, Have imported a simple flex ribbon cable Allegro layout into SiPro which worked fine.  Setup all of the ports and finished the simulation which completed and converged without any warnings or errors. Went t...
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