• Micro ampere current measurement

    can we log DC current surge in micro ampere for initial 20ms using @34972A? If yes please explain how to do it.
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  • How to transfer csv file from N9912A to PC by using Matlab

    Hi,   I connected N9912A to PC via LAN socket at port 5025, then I want to transfer csv file that I already measure in N9912A to my PC directly by using Matlab. I want to ask all of you that is it has this way t...
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  • visa.net ReadBinaryBlockOfByte() terminates when it sees a newline in the data

    I am using visa.net in an application that sends SCPI queries and receives replies. ASCII replies to things like *IDN? work ok, but when I try to receive binary data with ReadBinaryBlockOfByte(), the read terminates w...
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  • can't communicate to 34405A with Keysight Connection Expert

    Hello experts, I have windows 10 system.  I was able to configure a power supply on a RS232 port and that is functioning. I'm able to use Keysight Connection Expert to send commands or my applicaiton, no issues...
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  • Setting voltage with E3631A with knob (pushing the knob)

    Hello, We have the E3631A  power supply and to change the voltage or current we have to press the knob and hold it while rotating the knob. I check the manual and it doesn't say anything about pressing ...
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  • Using DataLink to edit N9952A cal tables

    Attempting to edit a cal kit in a N9952A using DataLink.  I am able to connect with the analyzer and view the loaded cal kits but are unable to open the cal kit for editing.  Recieving a "Calkit File Open Er...
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  • Current measurement from t=0ms to t=20ms

    Is it possible to log DC current  measured from 34461A through Bench Vue ?
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  • Query regarding E3314A Programmable Function Generator

    Dear Sir,   We have an E3314A Programmable function generator of the Agilent and we need to execute the following test case using it.   Test case Details: We need to generate a Trigger pulse with a time i...
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  • [HSD] 2019OCT_FlexDCA&COM Workshop

    Chih Yuan Tu
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  • RF GaN materials

    ·       IMS2019 RF GaN Workshop on YouTube·       IIT Kanpur Develops ASM-HEMT Model for GaN Transistors Using Parametric and Device Characterizati...
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  • # Query for E4433B ESG-D Series signal generator regarding 2GFSK.OQPSK Signal generation

    Dear Sir,   We need to generate 2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated signal with below configuration on the E4433B signal generator by applying external trigger signals from the trigger unit.   2GFSK Modulation: BT=...
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  • 4287 intermittent data corrupt or stale error

    We are getting intermittent "Data corrupt or stale" errors on our 4287A(s).  I am having a hard time understanding this error message.  After every command we have a "wait_complete()" loop where we send "OPC...
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  • 新入职工程师必看视频 - ADS Basic (YOUKU)

    “新入职工程师必看视频 - ADS Basic (YOUKU)”,是由 Keysight EEsof EDA 部门所建立的 YOUKU 频道,包含了所有基本的 ADS 接口操作,对于初步学习 ADS 软件的射频和信号完整性工程师,可以通过以下教学视频,跟着视频的步骤实际操作,让您快速上手 ADS:     1. ADS快速入门 Getti...
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  • [請教]示波器區段電流有效值量測方法

      查詢了一下 機器的使用方法, 發現RMS有效值都只能量全畫面, 我使用的機器是DSO-X 3024T 請問如果我想量 區段RMS值 黑色框框 的RMS 有辦法嗎? 另外這個是一個電動工具的堵轉波形, 想請問有沒有同業知道對電池的輸出電流是指RMS還是最大值?
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  • Keysight EEsof EDA 定制服务解决方案

    Keysight EEsof EDA 在5G, 高速电路信号完整性, 光电联合仿真, 半导体器件建模, 汽车电子设计等领域为用户提供定制化的服务解决方案, 详细内容见附件
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  • 34972a;  Read latest data of multiple channels during continuous scan while writing to USB drive

    I'm running continuous scans that I start and stop manually, while saving the data to USB.  The data files are created either when I stop a scan, or when the number of data points reaches the limit of a single CS...
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  • Switching relay on cards E8792 and E8793

    How to switch ON relays on card E8782 (E8792) and E8783 (E8793) without tester Venturi. I just need to know the control of the integrated circuit XC95144. I want  to produce a device for relays diagnostic on th...
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  • Line Breaks in Multiple TRL Line Calibration

    How do I overcome this type of data break in between my TRL calibration standards? This mostly happens on my second line transition from LINE1 to LINE2 when measuring my DUT's.  
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  • How to Change data logging directory

    By default, data logs are stored in the my docunments folder, is there a way to specify a different directory?
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  • 4-port E5071C vs N5230A

    Hello,   I used 4-port E5071C to measure twisted-pair cables and differential channels on PCB. Basically, it can cover S-parameter measurements and provide .s4p file.   Now we need to purchase a VNA f...
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