• ADS2019 SI/PI Seminar(西安、苏州、南京、深圳和北京)

    2019年信号完整性西安、苏州、南京、深圳和北京系列研讨会部分讲义材料。包括了ADS2019 Update1.0关于信号完整性更新部分的内容、Memory Designer的仿真流程以及电源完整性生态系统的介绍。
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  • Why is B2962A not supported by Easy Expert ?

    Hi,   why is the B2962A SMU not supported by EasyExpert software ?   regards   Wolfgang
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  • Warning: fill pattern values out of range.

    I'm getting this warning when I open new schematics: "WARNING: One or more layer purpose pairs from "C:\Program Files\Keysight\ADS2019\oalibs\tech\ads_schematic_layers\library.tech" in library "ads_schematic_layers" h...
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  • 全新射频匹配流程_ADS2019Update1.0

    在射频电路设计中,工程师需要完成大量的匹配工作。而电路匹配可以借助ADS进行辅助设计。ADS2019Update1.0中,全新升级的RFPro中,可以方便的将PCB导入,进行匹配通道的仿真与调试。 在本次培训材料中,会进行与匹配相关的四个仿真实验:   -        前仿真 -      ...
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  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 射频匹配 (RF Matching)

    新入职的射频工程师在实际工作中,会经常碰到射频匹配的问题。仿真软件ADS可以帮助大家学习理解匹配原理,掌握快速匹配设计方法,甚至通过仿真指导实际匹配案例。如果希望学习通过ADS完成匹配设计,请参考下列材料:   1. 射频匹配设计基础 RF Matching workshop materials    全新射频匹配流程_ADS2019Update1.0   ...
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  • DPD 数字预失真

    This note introduces a quick flow of Digital Pre-Distortion (dpd ) with a user-friendly UI.   Memory effects can be considered by applying appropriate algorithms. SystemVue provides three approac...
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  • What is maximum frequency we can simulate in Sipro?Is there any limitation?

    What is maximum frequency we can simulate in Sipro
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  • The Cadence Allegro "extracta" utility was not found.

    ADS for BRD Import Error: The Cadence Allegro "extracta" utility was not found. Cadence Allegro PCB  Designer must be installed to import a *.brd file.
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  • Why do fixture lock relays keep failing?

    We have one 3070 that started blowing fixture lock relays a few months ago.  It happened twice two months, now they are failing almost every other day.  The lock down mechanisms have been lubricated.  A...
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  • how to autosave data after some fixed time automatically

    I am using CW time sweep in network analyzer software. I need to know how to save data automatically in a predefined file after a specified time interval. will you please help me in doing so its urgent!!
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  • Is there any B1500 GPIB command to record the voltage applied by a SMU at its Force terminal?

    Hello everyone,   I am working with a B1500 semiconductor parameter analyzer. I interact with it via GPIB command lines. The SMUs of B1500 are provided with both Force and Sense, which allows to precisely apply ...
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  • N9030A PXA Average Detector

    I currently am using a N9030A PXA and am getting varying differences in readings when I use Average Detector and EMI Average Detector. Can someone please explain the difference of these two setting to me.   Thanks
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  • SCPI error -108 when communicating with PNA-X N5245A

    Dear all,   I am recently building a VNA-FMR using the Agilent PNA-X N5245A tool. I'd like the analyzer does the frequency swep between certain values, and measure S21 at each frequency. To sweep the frequency, ...
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  • Gain when amplifier is in compression

    Hi All   My question is regarding the section ("Calibration in Compression Measurements") of the book "Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements" that is usually taken as reference for Microwave measu...
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  • Noise power with 029 option

    Hello everyone, I use the noise option '029' to make noise power measurements for a measurement chain composed of an LNA and an impedance tuner just at the input of the LNA. I am trying to determine the output noise p...
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  • No COM method to do Receiver Cal. at different Channel

    While making Harmonics measurement, Source Power calibration can be done at different Channel with method SetCalInfoEx() to choose Channel Number ,  But there is no such method to change Channel Number&...
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  • benchvue test flow freezing

    hi,   is there a limit to how long a test flow sequence can be? as i have made a sequence that has grown in steps the bench vue software will not run the sequence in demo mode wiht out freezeing. is there a...
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  • Is there a sensible solution for doing a Diff on vee files?

    There are many software tools for doing DIFF functions to compare to program files. But with .VEE files that shows all kinds of superfluous information like location of blocks and line routing that just confuse the se...
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  • SQiDD board vertical probe contacts

    Has anyone had a need to replace the vertical scope probe contacts on the SQiDD board?  Mine are wearing out and need to know if there is data about the manufacturer of these contacts and their internal part numb...
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  • How to build the API connection via HTTP?

    Hi, everyone,   How are you! Below is the connection description for my test instrument. How to setup the connection in the VEE? thanks a lot!   Initializing the Connection (Obtaining Authorization) Befo...
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