• Rosenberger Cal Kit Data File

    Hi, I have a Rosenberger 05 CK 100-150 calibration kit, the version with 2 of each load. I would like to load the kit data into an 8510C but do not have the file. Does anyone have a copy of the original Rosenberger fi...
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  • 34972A Serial number of submoduls 34903A

    The query SYSTem:CTYPe? sould answer "<Company Name>,<Card Model Number>,<Serial Number>,<Firmware Rev>"   From the submoduls, I get "0" instead the serial number I find in the delivery c...
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  • C++ program to send SCPI commands via UDP to UXG N5193

    I am trying to program a UXG N5193 with SCPI commands via UDP in C++.  I am able to open a socket and send packets to the UXG; however, the normal SCPI commands that work in Labview with the VISA protocol do not ...
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  • Personality Module

    Is there any option to configure the N9010B Signal Analyzer to behave the E444X series spectrum analyzer? The reasoning is that we have automated test code that only recognizes the E444X series and do not have a resou...
    created by freddayz
  • HP83640B OPTION H10

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  • How can I save recording from 89600A via MATLAB?

        I want to write matlab code to save recording from 89600A, how can I achieve that? Is there a example code to show me how to do that? Thanks very much.
    created by SustcerLeon
  • Keysight EDA 软件免费学习资源汇总-2019

    本文档提供所有 Keysight EDA 软件(ADS, SystemVue, EMPro, GoldenGate, Genesys, IC-CAP, MBP, MQA, A-LFNA, WaferPro Express, Heatwave)的免费学习资源链接。    内容涉及无线通信(5G/LTE/LTE-A/WLAN...), 射频微波,电磁仿真,天线设计,RFIC, MMIC,...
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  • Layout in ADS

    Hi,   I am new to ADS and need help building the layout for a RF energy harvesting circuit so I can develop a PCB. The image below is what I want to transfer to layout. The diodes are based of a component I foun...
    created by ryan43
  • How to best defend against Targeted Attacks?

    We have seen this attack method grow as part of Advanced Persistent Threats (operation Aurora against Google or the G20 French Finance ministry attacks come to mind) but I have no doubt that even smaller sca...
    created by priyankamakke
  • Simulation problem in ADS software

    When we simulate our circuit in ADS software then error message is shown and error message is- 'MOSFET1'is an instance of an undefined model MOSFET1'. So tell me how I remove this error for simulation of our circuit. ...
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  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 射频匹配 (RF Matching)

    新入职的射频工程师在实际工作中,会经常碰到射频匹配的问题。仿真软件ADS可以帮助大家学习理解匹配原理,掌握快速匹配设计方法,甚至通过仿真指导实际匹配案例。如果希望学习通过ADS完成匹配设计,请参考下列材料:   1. 射频匹配设计基础 RF Matching workshop materials    全新射频匹配流程_ADS2019Update1.0   ...
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  • I have a HP 4395A Analyzer.  With the 43961A hooked up will on the list of Analyzer type will Impedance Analyzer appear?   What is option 010?   Thank you Sarah

    We purchased this analyzer to replace a HP 4195A.  Need to know what I need for the 4395A to be able to measure Impedance.   The manual talks about option 010, but nothing states what that option is....
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  • What is the most efficient way of calibrating at different states?

    Hello.   I am trying to perform a 2-port calibration on a PNA N5225A (Application version A.09.40.06) at different temperatures.   The normal way would be by performing a full calibration at each tempera...
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  • FieldFox ECAL end user characterization

    With the FieldFox line of products gaining better and better VNA performance(Just saw the new B models) have you considered adding the more advanced ECAL options to the firmware? A very useful feature appears to be m...
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  • N5183A generates a CW signal before the pulsed signal required

    Hi,   We are using this generator N5183A to test our system. We want to measure pulse wave in differente frequencies, PA, PW, and PRF (PRI). The problem is that when we programmed manually or automatically (with...
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  • Programming Oscilloscope DSOX2002A

    Hello, I am working with a DSOX2002A and I need to measure the delay of 2 waves (Slope negative).  Manualy to select the slope negative I press "Meas", "Settings" and then I select "falling edge" softkey f...
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  • Measure Count on DSOX1204A

    Hi,   I have an automated test system with a DSOX1204A where I want to read/measure the Count or Positive Edge from a PC. Is that possible? I cant find any MEAS commands for any of the count metrics in the progr...
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  • How to use the 2nd display on the 34410A DMM

    This video describes how to setup the 34410A or 34411A Digital Multimeter using the front panel to view the 2nd display. While the main display shows DC Volts, the second display will show you the peak to peak voltage...
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  • Agilent 34401A Digital Multimeter, 6.5 Digit DMM Product Demonstration

    The Agilent 34401A is the industries most popular 6.5 digit digital multimeter. The 34401A is a true multimeter as it offers DCV, ACV, DC and AC current, 2 and 4 wire resistance, frequency, period, diode test and much...
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  • We have 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz provide an  ERROR 353 : SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found .((ERR 353 SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found.))  the quotation , what is the related hardware  and how to repair it

    We have 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26.5 GHz provide an  ERROR 353 : SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found .((ERR 353 SRCH FLD No acceptable YTO DAC value found.)) the quotation , what is the...
    created by ayad