• Adding a Picture to a Panel

    I have a Vee application that I am creating using code from an app that I created back in the 90's.   All is going well, but I cannot seem to get a picture object to where I have the option to "Add to Panel". &#...
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  • [Workshop] 2019Q4 Understanding PCB Effects in DC-DC Converters

    輕薄短小一直是行動裝置追求的目標,電源設計也是如此。在電源設計中,散熱器與電感是體積最大的部件。縮小電感需提升切換頻率,而縮小散熱器需提升轉換效率,這意味著需要更高效的電晶體及優化的設計。   是德科技提供了電力電子完整的解決方案,從元件的靜態測試、動態測試、網路分析,到建立模型、電路設計、電路優化,都有對應的方案。另外也提測試服務及建模服務,可符合電力電子的各項需求。   這次的實作研討會將介紹針對切...
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  • [Workshop] 2019Q1_SIPro and SI Basics

    - SIPro - S-parameter Simulation - TDR Simulation - Channel Simulation - Batch Simulation   Workspace - FY19Q1_SIPro_and_SI_Basics.7zads Slides - FY19Q1_SIPro_and_SI_Basics.pdf
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  • ERROR ADE-3036 in Momentum Simulation

    Hello,I am trying to simulate inductance of a wire through Cadence layout editor and Momentum.After setting up momentum-virtuoso, I tried to run a momentum simulation. I get Error(ADE-3036) which, as I understand, is ...
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  • How to Connect FlexDCA in ADS for PAM4 Signal Analysis?

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  • Two Big Difference in Readings on Keysight N5181B

    Hi, can anyone help with this issue i am facing: I've been getting the correct value which is 11.38 dbm. But after some time, we keep getting only at 4.48 dbm. In terms of the settings to the meter, we only set the fr...
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  • Auto-balancing bridge for frequency above 100 kHz

    In Impedance Measurement Handbook 6th Edition, pages 2-7, Figure2-4 (c)Auto-balancing bridge for frequency above 100 kHz. The purpose of the figure is to measure the impedance of the DUT.I have some questions, as sh...
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  • Does Benchvue work with E4440A, and HOW?

    I have Benchvue, and I/O libs loaded (V18.1.24715.0), and a E4440A connected by NI USB/GPIB adapter. Benchvue comes up with the instrument showing a green check. When I double click on it the SA app launches, fiddles ...
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  • What is the confidence level for Keysight DMM specifications?

    For example, the Keysight 3458A 90-day DC Voltage accuracy specification for a 1 V nominal reading in 1 V range would be 4.9 uV. When using this accuracy specification in an uncertainty budget one needs to k...
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  • Problem importing this PSPICE model

    Whenever I import this (http://epc-co.com/epc/documents/spice-files/PSPICE/EPC2036_V100_PSPICE.net): ----- ----- ----- * (C) Copyright Efficient Power Conversion Corporation. All rights reserved. *************...
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  • Failed to write LTD file to Disk

    Hello,   While simulating in SipiPro we are encountering below error,How can i resolve it?   "Error:Error:Fails to write LTD file to disk"    Also attached error image for your reference.
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  • ADS 2017 envelope simulation error

    I am simulating a Power amplifier design and my input is an envelope modulated signal with a sampling frequency 92.16 MHz. while using envelope simulation the "TIme Step too small" error is coming.  And it is tak...
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  • B2902A Level Trigger Output

    Hello,   i want to source a Voltage-value list with the B2902 Precision Source/ Measure Unit with the internal timer and provide a level trigger to the EXT1 pin. I've created a running example that provides a 10...
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  • Legacy definition of RINOMA on FlexDCA

    Does anyone know appropriate reference for the legacy definition of RINOMA? There is much paper explaining what IEEE RINOMA is. But I could not find the paper describing the legacy equation of RINOMA used in FlexDCA.
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  • Invalid config on main menu won't clear

    Has anyone ever seen "invalid config" on the main menu of the supply?  A reset will not clear, a power cycle will not clear and there's nothing in the manual about it.  
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  • Questions about E4990A (Channel open and short compensation, Macros using internal commands)

    Hello!  1st question: For my measurements with E4990A, I use 3 channels. Does I need to compensate (open and short) for each channel - or compensating for 1 channel is enough?     2nd ...
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  • Invalid power level in pulse profile

    Hello, I use N5242A PNA-X with FW 9.90.21. I am trying to perform pulse profile measurements according to the appnote "Active-Device Characterization in Pulsed Operation Using the PNA-X". I perform a frequency sweep ...
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  • My 34970A keeps rebooting as soon as i power it on

    Hello there, i've been using the data aquisitor 34970A for years, and today when i powered it on, it just kept rebooting without allowing me to acces any of its functions. Has anyone a clue about what is happening? ...
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  • Device Measurement eXpert

    Open video

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  • How to import a S2p file and display it in ENA,as E5071C

    Hello everyone, How can I import a S2p file generated by ADS into E5071C,and also display the S parameter on the screen with measurement at the same time, then I can visually compare the difference between the simula...
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