• How to get impulse response in MIMO_3DChannel

    Hello, I am trying to simulate MIMO_3DChannel model part. I want to get output at its output ports ht and HF. Can anyone please tell me how should I do it? Thanks in advance.
    created by sc_1234
  • DGN Report issue

    Hello, I have encountering issue on DGN report. The DGN report is just show simple report only, exp. Module 2 slot 11a FAILED. I want to see details report as below sample:   Test 2348, Subtest 0, Module 3,...
    created by Supri
  • N1913A meter with N8485A sensor, calibration error!

    I was using N8485A sensor with N1913A for over 3 years. From last week the sensor calibration process encounters error "-231:data questionable". In fact when I connect the sensor to the internal 50 MHz 1mW source, the...
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  • Python script controls E4990A impedance analyzer

    Hello   Does anyone have the sample Python script controls E4990A and gets trace data from it ? I am going to try USB and PyVISA to connect to E4990A. It would be helpful if someone shares the script with me. ...
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  • Error while simulating the imported netlist file in ADS

    Hi, I have imported a PSpice netlist file in ADS: While using it as a subcircuit, and simulating in the ADS, the error is coming that I have attached in the screenshot, there is an undefined variable '1'. Is there an...
    created by f-shafiq
  • Can anyone help me out with this error :: Password protected ltd files can not be imported  

    I am trying to import the substrate file which is in *.keysight.ltd format, but while doing so, it is showing an error! :: Password protected ltd files can not be imported.       P.S.- I am using ads2020
    created by kautuk
  • Request for detailed instructions on configuring an External DC Meter on VNA

    Hi everyone, I believe I have a simple question but I can't seem to figure it out.  I'm using a PNA (N5245A Firmware A10.65.08) and would like the set up triggered sweeps as a trace with a DMM from Keysight (344...
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  • Not able to plot impedance in 'Ohm' unit in ADS.

    Hi, In ADS, I was not able to plot impedance in 'ohm' units. I could only get the impedance plot in units given in the screenshot below. Could you please tell me how to plot impedance in OHM units in ADS? Please...
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  • Losses for wider routes are not smaller when using ADS impedance creator

    Hello I am evaluating keysight 2020 update 2,  I am trying to create a single ended line with return plane h=3mil, Dk=4.6, Df=0.01.  then I try to optimize Z=50 (~5.29mil) and another Z=30 (~11.37mil), I kn...
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  • E9304A/E4419B measurement uncertainty on frequency response

    to verify the "flatness" of a levelled sine signal source, the E9304A power sensor (w/ E4419B power meter) is considered as the meaurement tool. the measurment setup would be: 1. measure the power level at 1MHz, let's...
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  • HP/Agilent E7402A  System, Alignments, Align Now, All required / Internal alignment correction data has been lost. I assume this error condition means the internal battery needs to be replaced. Do you have any replacement procedure instructions and batter

    Every time the SA is powered on I have to run the alignment procedure. 
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  • Saving in VEE using Direct I/O

    I am using the Direct I/O object to control E5071C VNA in VEE. All the commands that I am using in the Direct I/O object come from the VNA user manual. I am trying to perform a frequency sweep on s21 and have all the ...
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  • Signal generator not outputting the correct level

    Hi all, I am using a E4432B RF signal generator. It is pretty old. I recently connected the signal generator to a spectrum analyzer to see if I really get the signal that I am outputting. Mostly, the spectrum analyze...
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  • How to design a resistor whose value changes with frequency, like in S parameter simulation?

    I am trying to make Design Kit (only schematic) with a simple resistor in its palette. But that resistor value should change with frequency, when S parameter simulation is done. Design Kit manual shows how t...
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  • Download 34410A data log via USB?

    I have logged data on the 34410A that I'd like to download via USB. I have the "Interactive IO" application running on my PC, but I don't know the command to read that data log. I can't even find a comprehensive comma...
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  • Patch Antenna design with ADS

    How can I use PIN diode with patch antenna on ADS for reconfigurable antenna switch?
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  • Harrison Laboratories 855C

    Hi,      I recently acquired a Harrison Laboratories 0-18v 0-1.5a adjustable power supply model number 855C I was wondering if there is any documentation or circuit diagrams for it floating around...
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  • How can I display mixed mode S-parameter in in data display?

    Hi Keysight experts,    I have a .s4p S-parameter file that I'd like to use S-parameter simulation to generate plots in order to display mixed-mode S-parameters for high-speed serdes applications.  ...
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  • on-wafer source power and receiver calibration

    Thanks for your help in Source / Receiver CAL, where the Power meter cannot be directly connected to the REF ports. Here are my questions.   1) on-wafer source power CAL   1-a)  Recommended to do Sou...
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  • 34410A autorange issue when selected resistance

    Hello!   Somebody asked last year about that issue, so i will ask it again.   I have noticed on my 34410A a problem which is more frequent if i choose continuity mode, and than select resistance mode, on t...
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