• Demo Clock Aux Out in 54850 or DSO80000 series Infiniium Oscilloscopes

    I saw "Demo Clock" as one of the options in the Calibration window's Aux (Output) pulldown menu. It's a 456.35Mhz signal, but I've never seen any reference to it on the Service Manual or the User Guide. Out of curiosi...
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  • Extract XY coordinate from GDS file

    Hi,   i'm very beginner of ADS and would like to seek advice from any of experts here What i am trying to do is extracting XY coordinate from GDS file. There are a lot of circle pads and i want to e...
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  • Display Trace Data On Excel

    I am getting a VI_ERROR_TMO whenever I try to pull trace data from my PNA to an excel file. The pop up window states that the error is present in the third transaction. That would be the "READ TEXT x REAL64 ARRAY:201,...
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  • No "Command Expert Sequence" in VeePro I/O pull down menu

    Hello, A 2017 Keysight video shows the use of Command Expert Sequences in VeePro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLr3IZor5B8 I have Command Expert installed on the same PC as VeePro (latest version). There is n...
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  • Get s2p file or picture from E8358A via GPIB or Ehthernet direkt to a Windows PC ?

    Hello Community,   I have now access to an old but quite good networkanalyzer from Agilent E8358A.   They have Ethernet and GPIB, so far I can communicate with labview 2020 only via GPIB.   I try to aut...
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  • Is the N8487A compatibility with the 437A

    Hello,   I need to measure the power at 6 GHz and 35 GHz at the end of a cable.  The power level will be - 2 dBm and I need to do this twice a week.  Due to many factors that I can not get into,&#...
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  • Getting query unterminated error when connecting U2055XA sensor to N1914A FW A.01.19

    Hi, When I connect U2055XA sensor to N1914A FW A2.01.09, LED light goes to green but power meter shows query unterminated error similar to this fix for U2044XA and does not update display with readings.   Releas...
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  • How to convert string to function in VEE function? (Not using MATLAB) I would like to use the string to extract/unbuild records

    I have a nested record. By using the Unbuild Record function, I am able to obtain an array of Name List in Text, which would be fields that are in that record. Say I have 10 fields, I'd have to manually add in t...
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  • Using Verification Data disk for HP 8720 VNA on a HP 8510C?

    Hello,   Does anyone know if a verification data disc that comes with a Verification Kit and is labelled for an HP 8720 can be used in an HP 8510C?   The HP 8510C manual states that this can be a cause of ...
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  • How would you test VSWR from DC to 18GHZ when most network analyzers bottom out in the MHz?

    I have an Agilent 8720ES that tests from 50MHz to 18GHz but my customer requires VSWR and Insertion Loss from DC to 18GHz.  I looked for rental equipment to do the testing, but I'm getting quotes for equipment th...
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  • HP8753D

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what type of bulkhead that is (see picture) I would like to buy an adapter to APC-7 so I can connect to my HP 8753D network analyser.
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  • HP8753D (II)

    Hi Community, I would like to replace the port coupler (HP5086-7489) on my old VNA . It is possible to find the part on internet, but I have not found the instructions about how to strip the unit in order to replace t...
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  • Clarifying procedure in Appendix B, 5989-4840 "Specifying Calibration Standards and Kits for Keysight Vector Network Analyzers"

    I need to create a (standards) definition for a coaxial open cal kit standard for which the definitions do not exist. I propose to do this by measuring my new (un-characterized) open device (DUT) S parameters after ca...
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  • U1253B display problem

    Hello and a happy new year,      I have a U1253B multimeter for 5 years now that I love to use because of the oled display. I always had the brightness to the lowest setting. Suddenly the display ...
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  • Are there no MATLAB IVI drivers for M8195A AWG anymore?

    The IVI-COM/C drivers for M8195A looks like it is not available anymore? It looks like MATLAB only supports 32-bit IVI drivers.. I found the IVI driver "KtM8195A", but does not work for MATLAB 2020 64bit.  &...
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  • IVI-COMDriver/Session Name is showing "Unknown"

    When I connect my U2352A to Command Expert the connection process shows an IVI-C and IVI.net command set available. I have successfully connected using IVI-C and issued some commands.   When I connect my U2...
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  • Calibration Problem in NA

    Hi, I am trying to calibrate correctly on Network Analyzer but I always see errors at the same frequencies. I want a calibrate between 23-25.5 GHz frequencies. I am using mechanical calibration with Keysight N99...
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  • Acquisition Folding

    I have the following signal activity :   There are thousands of CS_n pulses that occur in a sequential one-shot fashion, and I'd like to be able to "stack" or "fold" them over a period of 5ns or so to mak...
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  • Stripline Interdigital filter ADS solutions

    Hello,   I would like to design an interdigital bandpass filter with ADS.   To this purpose, I took a look for coupled striplines components, and the only one I have found is the SCLIN.   SCLIN would...
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  • HP ats 2000 HP UX 9

    Is anyone still using legacy HP ate2000 hpux 9 ? We are.atill using them in production and want to connect with people that still remember or use them 
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