• DLL not loading depending on how you open the file

    Here is a video of me opening a file two ways, the first from windows and then from inside Vee. In the former case a dll loads and exposes the internal functions. In the later case the dll does not load.    ...
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  • U2352A via the IVI-COM driver. How to set the DIO port direction?

    I am trying to learn how to drive a U2352A via the IVI-COM driver. The method to set the DIO port direction is visible in the examples but I can't find it in Vee. In my project  I find no way to reproduce w...
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  • Older Panel Drivers Under Win 10

    I have been altering existing older VEE programs that utilize older Panel Drivers. I have been running in older rev modes and in VEE 9 mode. All has worked under Windows 7 Pro. I am trying to migrate to Windows 10, bu...
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  • Modeling of GaN with $table_model in ADS using verilog-ams

    Hello all,   I'm trying to model GaN HEMT data using LUT based approach. Till now I've made a good amount of progress, but I'm facing the following issues; There is a limitation on $table_model command tha...
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  • Signal Generator E8257D

    My Sig gen E8257D not working below 3.2Ghz can someone help me to fix or  reset this issue.   Thanks
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  • 34970A - readings lost on power off -solved

    I have a 34970A DAQ that I'm attempting to log some temps with a thermocouple. The location requires the DAQ to be without the PC. My thinking was: Setup configuration and channels on office PC with Benchlink, power ...
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  • MSO-S 404A PLL error.

    I have a MSO-S404A that has a PLL #2 error but when I look at the PCB the LED for the loop says it is locked.   I just changed our the HDD due to failure of the other one.  Will a calibration alignment corr...
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  • How to read csv file defined by schematic parameter into a string list and access those elements?

    I've created a hierarchy of 6 eye probes by selecting the symbols in my top level schematic, right clicking, going to component and "Create Hierarchy". I want this component to replace the eye probes in the top level ...
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  • Power of Intermodulationsproducts influenced by the 1dB-Compression Point (ADS)?

    I give one short example:   2-tone-test at an amplifier Power of the two input-signals = 0 dBm gain = 10 dB OIP3 (TOI) = 40 dBm 1-dB-Compression-Point = 20 dBm   IF i calculate the power of the IM3 p...
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  • Looking for Factory Service Manual(s) for an HP 8593EM EMC / Spectrum Analyzer

    Seeking to locate anyone who may have in their possession any technical and/or service manuals for an HP 8593EM EMC and Spectrum Analyzer. This technical service manual would have a full complement of schematics, list...
  • cal error in instrumet e4418 with powersensor 8481A

    hey i am having E4418B instrument with 8481A power sensor.  the instrument is zeroing but not calibrating shows "CAL ERROR" and message in VEE RUN TIME show ERROR "CAL ERROR" Object title: raise error   O...
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  • 34461A ext triggering  and gating

    See the below measurement set up.   The RF signal from signal generator is pulsed CW. 10 usec is on time and 90 usec off time (Pulse freq 10 KHz). So for 10usec there will be RF and no RF for 90 usec and the pa...
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  • N6705 advanced power Scope mode trace funnies

    What are the grey traces about?
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  • How to calibrate VNA with high path loss between VNA port and Cal plane?

    How to calibrate VNA with high path loss between VNA port and Cal plane? Port 1 and 2 have about 25dB path loss ( Cable + fixture ) SOLT and SOLR can not give good results. Help!!!
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  • Output trigger on 33500B

    I'm trying to output external trigger by remote. On the front panel, following operations can output trigger signals as expected. - Push Trigger button. - Select Trigger Source IMM. - Push Trigger Out.   Ins...
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  • How to  output arbitrary waveforms with 81160A

    Hi, I'm trying to output arbitrary waveforms using 81160A by remote. I'm sending following commands to 81160A but nothing happens. *RST *CLS FREQ 100 FUNC USER DATA1,VOLATILE 1,0,1,0,1,0... OUT1 ON   Do ...
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  • UDP Communications in Vee

    Hi Folks, Does anybody use UDP to remote devices? If so how do you do it?
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  • Typical damage level for Keysight E-Cal modules

    Hi,   I notice that the spec of our ECal module - N4691D, shows it has a "typical damage level" as 10 dBm. So does this mean it will typically get damaged at 10 dBm, or typically not, or no instant damage b...
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  • PNA E 8358A, Can't read the marker values in Labview 2020

    Hi Community,   I have some challenges to write a labview Programm on Window10 with Labview 2020.   I have a Agilent PNA E 8358 A where I can communicate via USB.-GPIB Adapter with the Instrument Driver fr...
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  • Marker Refresh on Infiniium Scope DSOS204

    I captured a single shot measurement and then added markers to see some points. The only way I can see a value for vertical or horizontal is to "edit marker"  The marker table has 0.0 and 0 for Horizontal and v...
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