• storing trigger based Vp-p

    Iam using KEYSIGHT infiniium S-series oscilloscope. how should i automatically save peak to peak voltage of a waveform for every trigger? 
    created by chandu
  • unable to get a handle to GCA Object with C#

            After creating "GCA" measurements successfully with  PNA-x N5242A rev A.10.64.09,   But failed to get GCA handle. The code is listed here:   &#...
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  • PEAK TABLE in Analyzer Spectrum N9020A get result

    I need information Analyzer Spectrum N9020A about PEAK TABLE, I have five result that I get. I'm used following comand: CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR:STAT ON CALC:MARK:PEAK:THR -12 dBm CALC:MARK:PEAK:EXC 8 dB CALC:MARK:PEAK...
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  • Default mesh settings

    I have a question about EM simulation accuracy. I'm working with a very simple layout to learn the Momentum portion of ADS. The layout is just a ground plane with a transmission line on top. With default settings of 2...
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  • Unleveled Source - repair required?

    My PNA 5321A has had an error splashed across the display for a few months - "Unleveled source 1, out 1".  I've finally gotten around to "clearing" the error, using the helpful info on this forum.  I found t...
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  • Just picked up a used E4402B. How can I check for any licensing information for this host/sn?

    Model E4402B S/N US39440938 Host ID D480381E   Firmware A.07.06   Would like to install memory upgrade and new firmware. Will I still have color display? No licensing info shows up via SYSTEM menu.
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  • DSO-X 3012A randomly freezes during USB data transfer

    Hello everyone,   I'm having troubles with the Agilent DSO-X 3012A oscilloscope, firmware version 02.43.2018020635. I intend to use it to perform a series of measurements (hundreds of thousands), downloading eac...
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  • BRD Import Error: The Cadence Allegro "extracta" utility was not found. Cadence Allegro PCB  Designer must be installed to import a *.brd file.

    Tips: Importing a Cadence Allegro *.brd file into ADS requires an Allegro utility called "extracta". Please make sure that a Cadence Allegro PCB Designer installation is available, and that the location of its "extrac...
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  • Current measurements using current probe and external DMM

    Hello, I am using N5242A with A.09.90 firmware. I would like to perform current measurements in pulsed mode using N2782B current probe with 34465A multimeter. I am trying to add external DC Meter according to: Config...
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  • HP 8753E, how to remove software option 011?

    Hi,   I have acquired new CPU board for my analyzer but it comes from analyzer with 011 option, my analyzer don't have 011 option and I would like to remove this option from software. How to do that? I have repl...
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  • Where I can download the trial software for the latest version of TestExec SL?

    Hello Keysight,      In the link below, I can't find the content which I can download a trial/evaluation software. TestExec SL Software | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement) 
    created by DiGer
  • 信號完整性小技巧 #5 AMI SIMULATION

    當Bit Rate越來越高,通常晶片廠商會提供IBIS-AMI模型以滿足準確且快速的模擬需求,以下介紹要怎麼在ADS使用IBIS-AMI模型來做Channel Simulation。
    Chih Yuan Tu
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  • Looking for a  user manual and probes for Lectrotech TO-55 scope

    Hello everyone, I found a Lectrotech TO-55 oscilloscope at a hamfest after it was over. It works, but there are no probes with it. And I don't have any information on the scope. So, I was hoping at the very least, th...
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  • FieldFox N9918A-211 log frequency sweeps

    I'm surprised I can't find any information on this anywhere, it seems like an obvious feature. Is there a way to perform log frequency sweeps with the FF? I'm currently having to take and compile 5 S parameter measure...
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  • Loading dual channel waveforms from USB on 33522A.

    Hi, I have a dual channel waveform that I created on benchlink waveform builder. I can load that dual waveform to the generator through direct USB connection to the PC or Ethernet, and all is well. But if I save the w...
    last modified by TechEngineer
  • "Lister" function for serial/LIN/CAN decoding in DSOX1102A.

    Hi, I have both an MSOX2004A with the serial/LIN/CAN decoder as well as the DSXO1102A with said license installed.   In the 2000 series, when you enable the serial decoder, there's a "Lister" button that enables...
    created by TechEngineer
  • Command for adding trace after call a calibration - E5080A with E5071C code Emulator

    Hi,  I try to reuse piece of code which works for E5071C. It is noticed that after recall a calibration, command works with E5071C to add trace, did not work with E5080A.  The SCPI command works for E5071C...
    last modified by Ott007
  • Procedure to perform ZERO/CAL with the 11708A reference attenuator?

    Hello,     how do I have to process the real attenuation of my 11708A reference attenuator with 29.86dB (nominal 30dB), when I perform the ZERO/CAL routine of the power meter?   I can use the CHANNEL ...
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  • Impedance measurements from S11 with 8753ES

    I would like to use a 8753ES VNA to measure the module of the impedance Z of a LISN or in general of a DUT port. With the VNA I can measure both S11mag and S11phase of the port. Then I can apply Z = 50 * (1+S11) / (1-...
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  • ADS Python Data Link 安装设置指南

    ADS软件可以使用Python语言中丰富的图形显示功能扩展对数据的处理功能,如三维数据显示。本文档介绍了安装Anaconda Python以及ADS软件相应的设置,将ADS软件和Python软件进行连接。文档中还包括了相关的视频介绍下载地址。
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