• MSO7054 I2C decode not working

    I have a MSO754 with the I2C serial decode option installed.  I have it set up to trigger on a start condition.  It triggers at a random point and does not parse the data correctly.  Data displayed is g...
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  • The 86122A Doesn't work Front Panel Key buttons.

    I use the 86122A. This Symptoms doesn't work front key. Touchscreen is ok. but Key butten does not work. I think, this key butten relation with touchscreen setup because key butten is touch pad. How do i resolve this...
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  • P9375A VNA

    Can you please tell me how often should I calibrate the P9375A?
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  • Randomized LO question?

    With  vnahelp,the spectrum mode is to achieve image reject by using multiple LOs to cover the same frequency band.If Randomized LO is checked,the frequency interval between any two LOs is a random value,,and the ...
    created by mindhen
  • Vee running question

    The screen often stops while using vee.  Is there any way to solve the problem of moving the screen from side to side and stopping for a while, and then waiting for it to work? This is Windows 10.
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  • AEL code in ADS Design Kit Development manual?

    In the design kit development manual of ADS under the Design Kit Tutorial, there is a item definition code given for a sample_res resistor subcircuit.(Page 234 of 2019 manual or Pg 147 of 2011 manual)(manual is availa...
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  • Can Active Hot Parameters extract a small/compact X-parameter model of the DUT?

    Just testing out the Active Hot Parameters software within a PNA-X on a Minicircuits 2.5GHz amp.   It was assumed that because Active Hot Parameters is a subset of X-parameter measurements that a compact model c...
    created by TumiEEngineering
  • vrf PassTru

    Hi guys,      I think you'll find that you need to know at least three addresses: The NA's address, ie 716 The NA's passthru address, ie 717 (check on analyzer) The PM's address, ie 13 (second...
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  • DT-VEE and instalation of DAQ card

    Hello, We are running HP-VEE 3.21 with DT-VEE  under WIN -95 and have installed a 2801 DAQ.  The card's driver  is installed in 95 but VEE , when we get a box under DataAcq and press configure we get...
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  • HP3458A err message

    Can anyone tell me what "err" means (other than the obvious!). I get it when either turning on HP3458A or when doing a "test" function from the front panel. The "err" message appears when it finishes doing ROM and RAM...
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  • Verify MMEM:STOR created file correctly via USB

    I am connecting to an N9020B via the USB interface and running a Python script that does screen captures to a USB drive using the MMEM:STOR:SCR <filename> command. As far as I can tell, there is no way to copy t...
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  • 3458A with error 202

    3458A....Occasionally I see Error 202,"Hardware Failure -- Test: DC Board" and I can see in manual that it should be board A1. The error comes up maybe once in every week and disappears again after a few power off/on ...
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  • Two N5751A supplies with paralleled outputs - no secondary current

    I have a configuration of two N5751A supplies with outputs wired in parallel.  The secondary unit is not outputting any current. The output voltage is set for 150 VDC, the OVP is at the power-on default (...
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  • trace read from Matlab

    I try to read trace data from Matlab from N1912 If I try to read it from channel A - it is ok. I receive error if I try to read it from channel B by replacing fprintf(N1912A,':TRACe1:DATA? HRES'); to fprin...
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  • Perform IL only by N7700a IL/PDL engine

    Hi, my test system is now using IL/PDL engine (call by labview) to gather the TE/TM sweep data. In some cases, I need only IL spectrum and wanna decrease the testing time. It sweeps four times for Mueller matrix, bu...
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  • [PDF] 802.11ac MIMO Signal Generation, Measurement, and Analysis.

    Slides demonstrate how to setup a 802.11ac MIMO system (both software and hardware) for signal generation,  measurement, and analysis step-by-step. 
    Chih Yuan Tu
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  • How to control E5052B using socket programming?

    Hi: I want to control E5052B from my arm board which is running linux. I use socket communication to send SCPI commands to port 5025. The communication can be established, but E5052B doesn't respond to the command. Ho...
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  • ADS如何导入3D结构

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  • Looking for API to display waves like an Ocillascope

    Guys   I am looking for a library to display wave forms using visual c++. I have used one past but it nolnger supported. It will require the support for of multiple signals. Can anyone point me in the right dire...
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  • using trigger with 8163A

    Hi, I am trying to use a santec tsl-510 sws laser with a 8163A to do a spectral scan of a device.  I connected both with gpib, and used a bnc between the santec output to hp input.  I can launch a sweep wit...
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