• Multimeters 34450A cannot remember settings after restart.

    Hello I have several 34450A multimeters and I have a problem with restoring settings after turning off. I can save and recall settings, but the multimeter is not loading settings after rebooting from memory "Last". I...
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  • I have a 3000T series.  I can't figure out how to meaure THD.  I set it up, select a source, but nothing happens.

    Please help with THD measurement.   Thanks..
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  • One of my Instruments Generates Ascii Data . How to Covert it as Decimal in HP VEE PRO 9.3

    One of my Instruments Generates Ascii Data . How to Covert it as Decimal in HP VEE PRO 9.3
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  • PLTS AFR COM Automation

    I am attempting to automate the AFR de-embedding process, through the PLTS COM interface.  For reference, I am using .NET in Visual Studio.  I can successfully execute certain commands (such as plts.ImportDa...
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  • ODB++ Import

    Hi,   I imported my PCB layout from Altium Designer in ODB++ format as recommended in ADS. The problem is I do not see any of my components in ADS SIPro/PIPro set up. As a result, I cannot change the parameters ...
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  • Keysight 34972A - “*OPC?” function stops working properly after AC measurement

    I use 34972A + 34908A 40ch switch. For some reason "*OPC?" command (waiting for the operation to complete stops working after AC measurement request. The measurment is still executed, but "*OPC?" command reply is sent...
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  • 新入职工程师必读课程 - 三维电磁仿真 (EMPro)

    新入职的射频或是信号完整性工程师,如果需要使用EMPro完成三维电磁仿真,可以通过以下材料自学。 三维电磁场仿真的基础在于建模与仿真器的设定,所以自学材料主要围绕这一部分展开。 如果希望了解更多EMPro应用场景与技巧,可以查看: www.keysight.com/find/ADS_tips_3DEM     1. [WMV] 基礎 EMPro 入門繪圖 - 1 https://community.k...
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  • Synchronize SPGU/WGFMU

    Hi,   I'm using a B1500A to do some electrical characteristics on EEPROM memories. In order, to study the impact of several waveforms signal on my devices, I would like to synchronize SPGU (B1525A) and WGFMU (B1...
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  • 为多端口元件快速加入50欧姆电阻

    在使用多端口器件进行电路仿真时,常常需要对端口连接50欧姆端接阻抗。 本工具可以自动对多端口元件的未连接(空置)端口加上50欧姆端接阻抗。   安装过程: 1. 保存Component_Tools.atf至电脑中的目录中 2. 启动ADS软件,点击主窗口菜单 Tools ->  App Manager ..., 点击 Add User Addon... 3. 选择Component_Tool...
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  • SCPI command to check if BERT is active or idle

    hi Keysight team,    I am looking for an SCPI command from host in Csharp to check if the BERT is in some activity or idle. can you help with the command name.   thanks, Sundar
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  • Can one convert a standard 8753D or later to option 014?

    The standard 8753D/E/ES have the built in test set. Option 011 removed the test set, which is less convenient, but more flexible.   I can’t quite recall what the very rare option 014 gives one, but it is a...
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  • 34401A's failing to power up?

    Hi we have several 34401A's which were working fine prior to being put into (climate controlled) storage for 18 months or so. On retrieving the units and testing them, it was found that a number of them failed to powe...
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  • 8753E integrated vs. external test set

    I am working on a deal to upgrade my 8753C with 84074A 6 GHz test set to an 8753E.  I need to decide whether to keep the existing test set and get an option 011 analyzer, or get a unit with the integrated test se...
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  • How to generate the Time-domain LTE signals in ADS ?

    Hello All,   I just wanted to know How to generate the Time-domain LTE signals in ADS ? I am working on Envelope Tracker design and wanted to see the time-domain waveform of a LTE signal.    
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  • Is there a Fool proof automate measurements of IRR on Spectrum Analyzers?

    Hi all,   I wonder if anyone could share thier attempts to automate measuring IRR output from a module and what algorithms they use for : RF Peak identification Image Peak identification I wonder what effects...
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  • [Workshop] 2019Q4 RF Basic - Efficient Impedance Matching with ADS

    在 RF 的世界中,要让射频通道的杂讯指数达到最小、功率传输达到最大,阻抗匹配是最基本的要求。早期,使用者习惯以手动方式做匹配,然而,在 4G、5G 时代,通讯协定与频段数量的增加、频率提高、尺寸减小,对于手动调谐的难度将日益提升,这代表着需要更有效的匹配设计流程与方式。   是德科技提供了完整的射频匹配解决方案,透过 ADS 里的 Smith Chart 小工具、阻抗设计软体 CILD、元件模型优化功能、方便导入 P...
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  • Is it impossible use SCPI to catch the amplitude for Delta Pair mode Markers? (E4440 Spectrum Analyser)

    Hi all,   How do you catch the actual amplitude of either Delta pair markers, and not just the amplitude difference between Delta or Reference marker?   For instance, following page 154 and  157 of th...
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  • Saving n9917a Data to LabVIEW

    I am using LabVIEW 2016 on a laptop, connected via a GPIB to USB converter, to control a fieldfox N9917A in the SA mode. I'm trying to save the data as a csv and a screenshot/image of the sweep from the fieldfox to a ...
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  • 8753D network analyzer port extension feature

    After doing a 2-port cal, only the port 1 extension seems to work. I am using the same length extension coax for both ports. For port 1, I attach the extension coax with an open end and bring the Smith Chart back to i...
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  • measuring EVM in VSA

    hi im trying to measure EVM of 100MHz modulated signal(16QAM) with 89600 VSA software.the problem is the EVM is not stable and changing from 2% to 14%. dose anyone have an idea why it dose not give me fixed EVM pleas...
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