• How to measure your oscilloscope (and probe)’s bandwidth yourself

    By: Taku Furuta   Visiting engineers that use our gear is exciting and it's often an excellent learning experience. My visits with engineers cover a range of topics from answering questions on specific technical ...
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  • Journey to the Center of the Scope - How an Oscilloscope Works

    The second the probe is connected to your device your signal begins a grand journey to the center of the scope. It has to pass through five phases in order to complete its journey to the center, then back up to the su...
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  • Keysight S-Series oscilloscopes vs the RTO2000 – Part 1

    In today’s world, it is hard to buy a really bad oscilloscope. But how do you choose the very best oscilloscope, especially when messaging and datasheet specs look so similar between different vendors? I’m...
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  • How does oscilloscope signal integrity impact your measurements and analysis?

    By looking for an oscilloscope with good signal integrity you not only can impress your colleagues, but you also get: More accurate wave shapes More accurate and repeatable measurements  Wider eye di...
    Paul Capozzoli
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  • Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide: Oscilloscope Edition

    As electrical engineers there are certain rules that we live and die by each day.  Probably, the most common of these is Ohm’s law.   No matter what we are doing it always seems to come back to V ...
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  • Capturing Intermittent or Infrequent Events?

    Why You Should Care About the Update Rate of Your Oscilloscope Oscilloscopes have a lot of specifications – some more readily understood than others. One specification that has recently become more frequently di...
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  • What is oscilloscope system bandwidth and how do I find the bandwidth of the scope + probe?

    By Taku Furuta   “I am using a 100 MHz oscilloscope with an included 100 MHz passive probe, I am supposed to be able to measure a 90 MHz sine wave, right?  Is the scope or probe broken?” I hear t...
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