• Oscilloscope Triggering: When is Normal not so Normal?

    Oscilloscopes have two primary modes of triggering: AUTO and NORMAL. However, NORMAL is not the normally used mode of triggering. AUTO is. The default trigger mode in all of today’s oscilloscopes is AUTO. There ...
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  • Understanding Oscilloscope Trigger System Basics & Why You Should Care

    You sit down at your lab bench to debug some funny behavior in a 10 MHz clock. You fire up your oscilloscope, get your probing in place and hit the almighty Auto Scale button, after which you’re presented with s...
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  • Advanced Oscilloscope Triggering and Signal Isolation

    How comfortable are you with advanced triggering on an oscilloscope? In my experience, having done training for thousands of professional engineers worldwide, about 90% of oscilloscope users know about only a fraction...
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