NEW: Keysight Streamline Series Offers a Compact Form with Zero Compromise

Blog Post created by ErinEast Employee on Jul 10, 2018

Different instrument form factors are used for each of the various design and test phases in a project to increase efficiency. Many engineers believe their only choices for high performance measurements are large bench instruments, or modular choices. The USB platform is a popular option for anyone needing a small, portable device. However, most USB instruments available are not comparable to benchtop performance, and utilize a different user interface (UI). Having inconsistent measurements and automated coding between each platform makes the transition between each development phase more time intensive due to the learning curve and adjustments that must be made.


With the new Keysight Streamline Series, you can expect a common UI, measurement capabilities, and automated code between all form factors: USB, benchtop, and modular. This allows you to move between product development phases more efficiently and effectively since knowledge and data can easily be transferred among the various platforms.  With the same applications and accuracy as comparable benchtop instruments, the new Keysight Streamline Series is the perfect compact USB option. It is portable, easy to use, and there is zero compromise in performance.


The new Keysight Streamline Series consists of USB oscilloscopes, vector network analyzers (VNA), and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG). The oscilloscopes range from 200 MHz to 1 GHz with 2 analog channels. They feature many of the capabilities you would find in an InfiniiVision 3000T X-Series benchtop or M924xA modular scopes, including zone triggering and 1,000,000 waveforms/s update rate. You will also find many of the same applications that you are used to from your benchtop instruments, like mask testing, frequency response analysis, built-in arbitrary WaveGen, and serial decoding. With a soft front panel that has the same UI as all InfiniiVision oscilloscopes, it makes it easy to transfer your skills between the multiple platforms.



The new USB vector network analyzers (VNA) have a wide frequency coverage that operates from 300 kHz up to 26.5 GHz, with two ports. The software has the same intuitive GUI as our benchtop VNAs, which again allows you to reduce the transition time between platforms. It utilizes the same measurements, automated code capabilities, calibration and metrology as our other trusted Keysight VNAs, so you can have consistent measurement results between form factors. You are also able to extend the number of ports available to increase your testing capabilities.

The P9336A AWG provides multiple independent or synchronized signal outputs with exceptional performance in USB form. The small, compact form-factor makes it ideal for creating complex waveforms, without taking up much bench space.  It can supply digitally modulated waveforms for wideband communication systems and high-resolution waveforms for radar and satellite test. Industry standard waveforms for the AWG can be easily generated using Keysight software applications tools such as Signal Studio or Waveform Creator. In addition to these tools, you can generate your own waveforms using MATLAB or custom tools. The AWG provides standard IVI compliant drivers for integration with multiple application development environments.


The new Keysight Streamlines Series offers VNAs, oscilloscopes, and an AWG in compact form with zero compromise in performance. Check out the details of each of these new instruments at