Wave 2018 SAP Quiz Contest: Week 1 Answers

Blog Post created by Allison_Dartt Employee on Mar 8, 2018

1. For better oscilloscope probing, an active probe is generally better than a passive probe in terms of wider bandwidth and _________.
A. Ruggedness
B. Cost
C. Voltage range
D. Probe loading

Answer: D Probe loading

2. When using a DC power supply, remote sensing is one of the great features. Remote sensing will help:
A. Increase power supply capacity
B. Increase resolution of power supply output setting
C. Compensate DC drop by testing lead load
D. Safety operation

Answer: C. Compensate DC drop by testing lead load

3. A true RMS multimeter is a better choice than an average-responding multimeter to measure (select all that apply):
A. Sine waves
B. Square waves
C. PWM signal
D. Rectifiers

Answer: B. Square waves, C. PWM signal, D. Rectifiers