New Infiniium Software Update- 6.1

Blog Post created by BoonCampbell Employee on Sep 21, 2017

If you’re an Infiniium user, you’ll definitely want to keep reading. The 6.1 software update just launched and it’s packed with new features that will improve your testing efficiency. Use this as a guide to make use of the new tools and enhancements that you’ll find in this software update.


These updates include:

  • New Jitter Decision Feedback Equalization
  • Improved Clock Recovery and Mask Testing for PAM4 and NRZ
  • New Software Update Analysis Tool
  • New Impedance Warning Function
  • New Power Integrity Analysis Application


Jitter Decision Feedback Equalization

Technological advances towards achieving greater Ethernet speeds presents two design possibilities, NRZ and PAM4, and each comes with a unique set of challenges. NRZ (Non-Return-to-Zero) has evolved over 50 years to 100G (25/28G, 4 lanes) and 400G (56G, 8 lanes). From a time domain perspective, NRZ consists of 1’s and 0’s and can be referred to as PAM2 (pulse amplitude modulation, 2-level) with two amplitude levels that contain 1 bit of information in every symbol. The NRZ eye diagram provides timing and voltage used to measure link performance and contains a single eye. But this single eye technology requires advanced technology in order to achieve the higher 400 Gb/s data rate.


The current 400 Gb/s challenges include totally closed eyes, shorter unit intervals (UI), tighter jitter requirements, and the mandatory use of forward error correction (FEC). These closed eye issues require enhanced receiver equalization such as continuous-time-linear equalization (CTLE) and decision feedback equalization (DFE) to correct. Moreover, new communication standards are requiring increased receiver sensitivity (down to 50 mV) and jitter budgets are even tighter for 400G at 17ps.


This software update adds a Jitter Decision Feedback Equalization function (DFE) to meet these increasing demands.


Improved Clock Recovery and Mask Testing for PAM4 and NRZ

If you’re working in 400G, you’ll be glad to hear of some major enhancements to the existing PAM4 solution. In the new software update, an improved PAM4 clock recovery algorithm was added along with jitter measurements on Decision Feedback Equalization (DFE) for NRZ signals.


A “Draw Mask” feature was also added to allow users to draw their own polygon mask specific to their eye pattern, enabling exact mask tests to customer specified limits.


New Software Update Analysis Tool

If you’ve ever had difficulty determining if an application or protocol is compatible with your scope’s software, you’ll be interested in the new Software Update Analysis tool rolling out in this software update. This tool will help you quickly determine if all applications and protocols on an oscilloscope are compatible with the latest software. This feature also allows software updates to oscilloscopes in secured laboratories that cannot have access to internet-supplied software.


New Impedance Warning Function

Safety is always a top concern. We are always working to improve product quality and reliability, and with this comes a new Impedance Warning function. With the new software installed, you will be notified when you have selected a lower voltage 50 Ohm input, and you'll see the max input level allowed on screen. This will help to reduce the chances of user-damage to the oscilloscope input.


New Power Integrity Analysis Application- N8846A

The new Power Integrity Analysis Application-N8846A was added to Keysight’s already industry-leading set of N8833A/B cross talk applications. This application was specifically designed to target power supply-induced cross talk.


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