Go Find Daniel and Win More Scopes

Blog Post created by Daniel_Bogdanoff Employee on Mar 1, 2017

It’s Scope Month, and you know what that means, oscilloscope giveaways! But this year we’re giving you even more chances to win.



This year Scope Month includes a scavenger hunt. We have hidden your favorite oscilloscope guru Daniel Bogdanoff all over the world (don’t worry, they’re just life-size cardboard cutouts). Your job? Find Daniel. If you (the scopes community) find Daniel, we will add more scopes to the daily drawings during Scope Month! And the faster that you find him, the more free oscilloscopes it means for you!


What do I do?

Watch the Keysight Oscilloscopes Facebook and YouTube channels, because we will release a clue on the whereabouts of Daniel each Monday during Scope Month. Once you have the clue, start searching. If you get stuck, come back to the comments section of this blog post where you can collaborate with the rest of the world and maybe together you can find Daniel sooner. When you find the Daniel cutout, post a picture of it along with the hashtag #GoFindDaniel to the Keysight Oscilloscopes Facebook page or mention @Keysight_Daniel on Twitter so that we know to add more oscilloscopes to the drawing.


How many oscilloscopes?

If you find the Daniel cutout by 11:59 pm US Mountain Time (6:59 am UTC time) on Tuesday, we will add FIVE MORE SCOPES to the prize pool for that week. If he is found before midnight on Wednesday, we will give away four more scopes, before midnight on Thursday means three more, midnight on Friday is two more, and if Daniel is found by 11:59 pm on Saturday evening, we will add one extra scope to the prize pool. So work together! The sooner you find the cutout, the more free oscilloscopes we will give away! And you don’t even have to wait long for your reward! The drawings for these additional oscilloscopes will be done on or before the following Monday!


Don’t forget to enter the oscilloscope giveaway every day during Scope Month for your chance to win a new Keysight 1000 X-Series oscilloscope.


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