Fall in Love with The Latest in Infiniium Oscilloscope Firmware, 5.75

Blog Post created by melissakeysight Employee on Feb 16, 2017

If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Valentine’s Day, check out the latest Infiniium oscilloscope firmware (version 5.75) – it may have what you wished for. Its updates include a front panel macro recorder, the ability to load and save .mat files, multiple undo/redo capabilities, and more!

The front panel macro recorder allows you to record all of your actions with the keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen so that you only have to go through your set ups once – you can save and playback the macro record or load it to be executed as a set of SCPI commands. It retains up to 500 commands.

Macro Recorder

If you use MATLAB, you’ll enjoy the ease of saving waveform data as a .mat file and the ability to open a waveform .mat file as a memory waveform. Remember, Infiniium allows you to open and view up to 8 waveforms at once.

waveform files

Perhaps my favorite addition to the software is the new Undo and Redo capability. If you’ve ever accidentally clicked on a setting that you didn’t like or wish you could go back one step, two steps, five steps, etc. you can now do that with Undo/Redo. You can either step back through your changes one at a time or use the drop down menus to undo or redo multiple steps at once. Too bad we don’t have an Undo/Redo for any Valentine’s Day dates-gone-wrong (unless you’re spending the evening with your oscilloscope – then Keysight has your back)!

Scope controls

If you are testing PAM-4, check out the latest updates to our PAM-4 Compliance Application N8836A. Free trial here. We have added new Continuous Time Linear Equalizer for eye height, width, and symmetry mask width, new J4 jitter support, and PRBS13Q test pattern.

In addition we have added more bit error rates for jitter analysis (J2, J4, J5, and J9) and more hardware serial trigger data rates:

  • 2.4882 Gb/s
  • 3.7125 Gb/s
  • 4.455 Gb/s
  • 4.640 Gb/s
  • 5.5688 Gb/s
  • 5.94 Gb/s
  • 7.425 Gb/s
  • 9.95328 Gb/s
  • 12.440 Gb/s

If any of these look like the Valentine’s wish you were hoping for, update to latest software to your Infiniium oscilloscope & PC, or try the software for free.

Download Infiniium software version 5.75