New Infiniium 5.70 adds FFT Measurements and More!

Blog Post created by melissakeysight Employee on Oct 19, 2016

Remember back on September 1st of this year when we posted about the new 5.60 Infiniium features? Or on September 14th when we talked about how the S-Series scopes keep getting better?  Good news: the S-Series, as well as the other Infiniium oscilloscopes, have been updated again to give you even more measurement solutions with the new Infiniium 5.70 software release.  This software release includes FFT enhancements, analysis diagrams, and new protocol and decodes to make using Infiniium oscilloscopes even easier!


FFT enhancements


You can quickly and accurately calculate transmitter power and bandwidth with these new FFT measurements:

  • Channel power- automatically calculates integrated power over a specified bandwidth
  • Power spectral density - measures normalized channel power over a specified bandwidth to quantify normalized power/noise density
  • Occupied bandwidth - calculates where 99% of the transmitted power resides in a given bandwidth to verify proper transmitter bandwidth requirements


We also added spectrum analyzer capabilities to the Infiniium oscilloscopes. You can specify the detector type and number of peaks that are displayed on screen.  Just choose from Sample, Positive, Negative, Normal, or Average detector type to customize the data displayed, like on a spectrum analyzer.


And if you are measuring out-of-bound signals, you can create a mask test for your FFT and view a list of violations that occur.  This table will tell you the number of failed waveforms, at what frequencies the violations happened, the peak amplitude, and the delta between the limit of the mask and the amplitude of the violation to give you more insight into when and how your signal is going out of the limits you specify.


Analysis Diagrams


Analysis diagrams are great if you have a complicated test setup with multiple functions running on the oscilloscope.  Analysis diagrams can help you understand the signal displayed on your screen by showing you the signal path, the functions being applied and in what order they are applied.  


Protocol and Decode Additions


The Keysight 5.70 Infiniium oscilloscope software release also provides a protocol decode and triggering bundle called AERO. This includes MIL-STD 1553 and ARINC 429, which are used in both commercial and military applications.


Traditionally, debugging serial buses has meant manually counting bits – which is not only tedious but prone to errors.  But Infiniium oscilloscopes with the AERO bundle you can set up your protocol decode and start debugging in under 30 seconds, so you can validate your designs quickly and easily.


Infiniium on Your Oscillocope and PC

As you can see, the Keysight Infiniium team is constantly updating our software to bring you new measurements, functions, analysis capabilities, protocol decode options, and more.  Another great feature of the Infiniium software is that you can get all the same capabilities and features with an identical GUI on your PC with Infiniium Offline.  You can try it for free here.