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Infiniium Oscilloscopes 5.60 Software Release

The latest Keysight Infiniium oscilloscope software release, version 5.60, offers new capabilities and enhancements that make measuring and analyzing your designs easier and more comprehensive than ever before.  With additions like a new crosstalk app, bit error rate measurements for PAM-4 signals, enhancements to MultiScope, and eye contour software, you will get even more insight to your designs.  Check out what’s new with the Infiniium 5.60 release:

Crosstalk Analysis Application (N8833A/B)

Keysight Crosstalk Analysis Application (N8833A/B)

Figure 1 – Keysight Crosstalk Analysis

The Keysight Crosstalk analysis application is the industry’s first and only application to measure and analyze crosstalk.  It allows you to probe up to four signals on your board at once – this means one victim (the signal of interest) and three aggressors (signals that could be causing crosstalk on the victim).  The application can be used to analyze both NEXT (near end crosstalk) and FEXT (far end crosstalk).  With the crosstalk app, you can measure the amount of crosstalk appearing on the victim and even remove the crosstalk from measurement.  This can help you decide whether or not it is worth redesigning your board to remove the crosstalk.

New Bit Error Rate (BER) Measurements for the PAM-4 Measurement Application (N8836A)

Cumulative BER measurement setup

Figure 2 – Cumulative BER measurement setup

The addition of BER measurements to the PAM-4 measurement application software can help you quickly identify and analyze design flaws in your digital systems.   With this functionality you can measure the BER across multiple acquisitions, similar to the standard statistical BER measurement you would get from a BERT.  This is helpful for determining if your design passes a required specification.


Figure 3 – Per Acquisition BER measurement setup

In addition to this cumulative BER measurement, the oscilloscope can also measure BER per acquisition. In this mode you can look at how many errors happen in a single acquisition.  If you also have InfiniiScan and EZJIT on your oscilloscope, you can even graphically display where the errors are happening in the signal. This is helpful for understanding the errors at a more detailed level than a cumulative measurement.

measuring BER per acquisition

For example, let’s say the cumulative measurement indicates the BER is 10e-5 and that passes your design specification. But when looking at the per acquisition measurement, you find that all the errors are happening in quick succession. This could be bad news.  With four different levels in a limited amplitude range, it is likely that a bit may be lost here and there, and forward error correction (FEC) algorithms can correct standalone, faulty bits.  But when you see several errors all together – what we call burst errors – your FEC may no longer be able to handle this.  So the design has passed the general specification, but is still faulty.  Without this type of analysis tool, it would be much harder to debug such a situation.

Keysight N8834A MultiScope Enhancements

Keysight MultiScope

Figure 4 – MultiScope

The MultiScope application gives you visibility of up to 40 channels simultaneously.  You can connect 2, 5, or 10 scopes together.  This is especially helpful for power system designers, or anyone with a need to look at more than four analog channels at once.

Using MultiScope with the Infiniium 5.60 update, you can see all of your signals on and work directly from the leader oscilloscope. This release also extends the triggering capabilities available in MultiScope to the oscilloscope’s full range of triggering capabilities when triggering from the leader scope.

Eye Contour Software added to EZJIT Complete (N8823A)

Keysight eye contour software

Figure 5 – Eye Contours

Reduce your test time by using the Keysight eye contour software on any digital signal.  Originally designed for DDR4, Keysight is the only company whose eye contour algorithm has been approved by JEDEC.  This software extrapolates noise and jitter trends from the measured signal to predict how they eye will close over time, eliminating the need to run the eye test for days or weeks to find out.

Customizable Mask Editor

quickly set up a custom mask test

Figure 6 – Custom Mask Editor

Looking for a glitch? With the new custom mask editor, it is quick and easy to set up a custom mask test.  The editor provides fifteen points to drag and drop on the screen, allowing you to design the mask test you want in seconds.

Save Time with the Easy Analysis Gallery

Keysight analysis gallery shows all the available measurements

Figure 7 – Analysis Gallery

 Not sure where to find the measurement you’re looking for?  Check the analysis gallery.  It is a one-stop-shop of analysis options and measurements, represented graphically so you can easily find and run the test you’re looking for.  Your testing time is valuable, don’t spend it searching through menus to find a measurement.

And More…

There are a number of additional enhancements with the Infiniium 5.60 upgrade, including:

– CAN-FD protocol and decode is now included in the automotive bundle option (N8803C). This bundle includes protocol decoding for CAN, LIN, FlexRay and CAN-FD.

Use the quick setup option to set up your jitter or eye diagram analysis in just two clicks

Figure 8 – Quick Jitter and Quick Eye Diagram menu

– Quick jitter and Quick eye diagram options.  Instead of going through lengthy set up menus, you can do the quick setup option and set up your jitter or eye diagram analysis in just two clicks.

The Infiniium oscilloscopes now have more capabilities than ever. Armed with 5.60 you are equipped to test and impress like never before.  Whether you’re looking for digital memory analysis, designing power systems, or work in the automotive industry, we have test solutions for you.

Check out the Infiniium software, version 5.60 update!