Meet the Keysight Oscilloscopes Team

Blog Post created by KeysightOscilloscopes Employee on Aug 9, 2016
Meet the Team!

Welcome to the new Keysight Oscilloscopes blog! We will be posting regularly on a wide variety of topics involving test and measurement: everything from industry updates to application news to oscilloscope tips and tricks.

To begin, we wanted to introduce the blogging team so you know their areas of expertise and where they will focus their posts and communications.


Daniel Bogdanoff, Keysight Technologies

Daniel Bogdanoff – Daniel has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University (whoop!) and works closely with oscilloscopes.  He will focus on helpful tips and techniques you should consider when working with benchtop equipment. In addition to working at Keysight, Daniel is also a Contributing Technical Expert for Electronic Design.






Takuya Furuta, Keysight Technologies

Takuya Furuta – Taku has a wide range of experience and in-depth oscilloscope product knowledge, including oscilloscopes from other manufacturers. His posts will cover the history of oscilloscopes, internal scope architecture and front end filters, and perhaps even some high speed digital applications.






Johnnie Hancock, Keysight Technologies

Johnnie Hancock – Johnnie began his career as an analog hardware designer and has been around as long as dirt. He has tremendous knowledge across a wide variety of applications with his most recent areas of focus being on oscilloscope-based power supply and automotive serial bus measurements. In his spare time Johnnie enjoys spending time with his four grandchildren and beautiful wife of 40 years.




Mike Hoffman, Keysight Technologies

Mike Hoffman – Mike has a great deal of experience around oscilloscope tips and tricks as well as deep technical knowledge. He will focus most of his topics around these areas and will also cover industry news.






Kenny Johnson, Keysight Technologies

Kenny Johnson – Kenny is an R&D engineer currently disguised as a marketing engineer. He spent a significant amount of his R&D career working on oscilloscope probes (design and project management) and has 17 patents related to this work. When not earning a paycheck he enjoys running, biking and canyoneering (just like 127 Hours but without the arm thing).





Don Schoenecker

Don Schoenecker – Don is a very technical member of the team who will cover a broad range of topics – everything from modular trends to application-specific posts. With over 30 years of experience in the use of test tools to improve product development, Don brings stories and a message of encouragement to help you improve your designs. As a Texas A&M Aggie from Colorado (whoop!), he is happy to be back in the mountains.





Robert Lashlee, Keysight Technologies

Robert Lashlee – Robert will write on a wide variety of topics and cover industry trends as well as new oscilloscope measurements and applications.