Cheryl Ajluni

A Little IoT Knowledge Can Go A Long Way

Blog Post created by Cheryl Ajluni Employee on May 22, 2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing everything and it’s not just the interaction between humans and machines.


As with any new or emerging technology, the changes it creates often ripple through society in multiple ways. It may transform the way businesses operate and even, the goods and services they deliver. It may transform existing industries with new use cases and dramatically improve processes. And, it will undoubtedly transform workforces and the skillsets required of that workforce. It’s happening today in the IoT.


The IoT is comprised of a vast worldwide ecosystem of devices, wireless communications, networks, and infrastructure. It spans many industries and encompasses many different vertical markets, including: automotive, industrial, medical, smart city, smart home, and wearables. Each market has its own requirements and challenges, and so do the IoT applications within each of these markets.


Successfully navigating this dynamic ecosystem is no easy task. It requires designers, manufacturers, network operators, and service providers with skills finely tuned for the IoT.


They must know what challenges lie ahead, regardless of whether they are designing the next great wearable device or putting a network in place to support the many IoT devices within a hospital environment. They must understand the nuances of the environments in which their devices and networks will operate. And just as critically, they must learn how to use the resources at their disposal to overcome any challenges and meet any requirements to develop IoT devices, wireless communications and networks that can thrive in the real world.


With such a large expanse of diversity in the IoT, learning all this critical information can be difficult, and at times, overwhelming. Many designers, manufacturers, network operators, and service providers simply don’t know where to go for the information they need.


If you are faced with this problem, attending formal training courses and seminars, or reading up on the latest IoT-related article, books, and eBooks is always a good place to start. It’s also smart to reach out to your trusted solutions vendors to get their insight on challenges and requirements in the IoT. In addition, these vendors can help you learn what solutions are at your disposal for addressing those challenges.


However, if what you are really after is more specialized information on how to do specific IoT tasks, then the IoT Education Hub may be just what you need. The IoT Education Hub gives you free online access to the latest educational resources on IoT device testing, wireless communications test, and network and system test. You'll gain access to valuable “how-to” information like how to:

  • Measure current drain
  • Deal with the interference between medical IoT devices
  • Deliver consistent measurements for IoT designs
  • Build resilient security into your network
  • Unmask network and data evasions
  • And much more...


Check out the IoT Education Hub: Device Test, IoT Education Hub: Wireless Communications, and IoT Education Hub: Network and System today to jumpstart your development efforts. A little knowledge can go a long way in helping you more quickly realize the promise of the IoT.   iotdevicesecurity iot iotdevicesecurity iotdevicetest