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As 3GPP moves from LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro to New Radio, MIMO continues to increase in strategic importance, adding implementation complexity and more specifically, channel count.  MIMO has moved from 2 streams to 8 streams with a small one-dimensional antenna, to “full-dimension” (FD-MIMO, 8 streams radiated through a 64-element array with… (Show more)
The NB-IoT LPWAN radio technology is a great solution for many IoT applications because it leverages long-proven cellular radio technology and infrastructure that is supported by numerous cellular providers worldwide. Furthermore, NB-IoT has good security, and it is an LTE specification from 3GPP, which gives it substantial technical momentum for… (Show more)
The emergence of 5G mobile communications is set to revolutionize everything we know about the design, testing, and operation of cellular systems. The industry goal to deploy 5G in the 2020 timeframe demands mmWave over-the-air (OTA) test solutions and requirements in little more than half the time taken to develop the basic 4G MIMO OTA test… (Show more)
Roger Nichols
My experience with broadcast TV in 1960’s Colorado was fraught with “ghost” images that distorted our television screen during episodes of my favorite TV programs. My parents’ explanation of this being an “echo” from the mountains was very confusing. How could light have an echo? It was in my early days at Hewlett-Packard that I learned the… (Show more)
Near field communication (NFC) is the radio technology that allows you to pay for things by holding a credit card or cell phone up to a sensor. NFC technology is rapidly being adopted in transportation, retail, health care, entertainment, and other applications. Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a radio communications technology that uses… (Show more)
With the 5G technology evolution just on the horizon, you can feel the momentum, excitement, and even tension building in the wireless industry.  3GPP is accelerating the New Radio (NR) standard and mobile network operators are fast-tracking their deployment plans.  Mobile data demand continues to grow at a rapid pace and new device categories,… (Show more)