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Janet Ooi
The use of connected medical devices or medical equipment in hospitals has increased with the expansion of wireless technologies and advancement in medical device designs. As a result, the number of connected devices in a large hospital or a healthcare facility reaches 85,000 at any given time1. As the density of the connected devices increase, so… (Show more)
5G has so many promises it’s difficult to tell how they all can be achieved.  From extreme data download speeds, to self-driving automobiles, to IoT devices monitoring over many years.  One of the key enablers for these to happen is the flexible numerology recently defined in 3GPP Release 15.  I find this part of 5G fascinating and think it will… (Show more)
Cheryl Ajluni
Within the last year I have been a victim, twice. The first time, a thief stole two catalytic converters off my car parked in my driveway. The second time, a thief stole a package from my mailbox. Okay, in the grand scheme of things, these probably aren’t the worst crimes that could have occurred; but they still got me thinking. Barring installing… (Show more)
Janet Ooi
Here’s a question for you. Is your connected home safe? I’m not talking about whether you remembered to lock your doors and turn on your security system. What I’m more interested in is if the wireless data being transmitted from one connected home device to another, and to the internet, is secure. It’s a potentially scary proposition and one you… (Show more)
Cheryl Ajluni
The Internet of Thing (IoT) is changing EVERYTHING. There are literally billions of IoT devices around us today, with hundreds more coming online each second. By 2020, there will be roughly 50 billion connected devices. By 2028, the IoT may become so pervasive that we won’t even need to refer to devices as being part of it anymore. It will just… (Show more)
I was recently reminded of my over-the-air (OTA) experience with 5G channel sounding.  It was like black magic at the time, and now, as it turns out, is vitally important for the success of 5G.    At Keysight, we realized early on that making measurements at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies would be difficult. What we didn’t realize was that… (Show more)
Roger Nichols
Analyzing all the best tech conferences and meetings helped us throw a great 5G party   The tables were turned on this well-documented “5G Symposium Critic” last month. This began last spring, when I am sure I visibly flinched when our group president said, “Let’s have a 5G Summit!”   Despite the risks of having YA5GE (Yet Another 5G Event), I… (Show more)
The previous blog post discussed NB-IoT, and why, although it is a great IoT wireless solution that leverages massive infrastructure and technical momentum, it may not be the best choice in certain locations or in applications that demand great flexibility.   There are three more situations where other LPWAN technologies may be superior. These… (Show more)
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