ECEDHA Leadership in Robotics

Blog Post created by BradJolly Employee on Mar 14, 2018

The National Robotics Education Foundation predicts 500,000 robotics jobs will be created from 2016 through 2020. This is promising news for ECE students, instructors, and researchers, and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (@ECEDHA) is very active in this transformational area.


A recent article in ECE Source describes several recent highlights from the ECEDHA Robotics Working Group. Established about a year ago, this group has the goals to “advance ECEDHA engagements in STEM activities and attract better and more students to ECE,” and they are off to a very strong start.


Professor Zhihua Qu from the University of Central Florida and Dr. Radhakisan "Kishan" Baheti from the National Science Foundation have organized a robotics panel session at #ECEDHA2018 that features professors Magnus Egerstedt (Georgia Tech), Jessy Grizzle (Michigan), and Dan Koditschek (Penn), who will talk about robotics programs and activities at their respective universities.


It will be fascinating to see how the panel discussion proceeds, and the degree to which various topics are covered. Robotics has seemingly limitless economic opportunities, and it also includes significant challenges in cybersecurity, privacy, physical safety, and both scientific and business ethics. The ECEDHA Robotics Working Group and ECEDHA’s member institutions will certainly be busy for decades to come!


Here are some questions for readers to consider. Please comment below.


  1. What are the top challenges, technical or otherwise, related to robotics?
  2. In addition to the schools mentioned above, what ECEDHA members are especially active in robotics?
  3. What can we do to inspire the younger generation using robotics?
  4. What experiences in primary or secondary education did you have that promoted robotics?