ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo starts soon; the theme is Reenvisioning ECE

Blog Post created by BradJolly Employee on Mar 12, 2018

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Heads Association (ECEDHA) will be hosting the 2018 ECEDHA Annual Conference and ECExpo in Monterey, CA from March 16 – 20, and this year’s event looks to be exciting and interesting.


The theme of #ECEDHA2018 is Reenvisioning ECE, and the lineup of speakers and workshops looks to be appropriate for the theme.  Featured keynote speakers include senior executives from Keysight Technologies, IBM, Semiconductor Research Corp., Microsoft, and the National Science Foundation, plus prominent leaders from the University of California’s Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Davis campuses. The co-authors of Make it Stick, the Science of Successful Learning round out the impressive list.


I am particularly interested in hearing what the astrophysicist and chancellor of UC Santa Cruz (UCSC), George R. Blumenthal , has to say about how UCSC is encouraging participation in STEM courses and programs. This is a critically important topic, and I have been impressed by what I have read about UCSC’s STEM Diversity Programs.


It will also be interesting to hear from Peter Brown and Mark McDaniel, who co-wrote the Make it Stick book. I have talked with many K-12 teachers and college professors who bemoan the fact that their students understand a topic very well one day, and then act as though they have never heard of the topic two weeks later. Imagine how ECE education would be transformed if all the K-12 math and science lessons truly “stuck” to incoming freshman, and if college students understood how to make their professors’ lessons stick throughout their undergraduate and graduate education.


Finally, I hope to see my friends from the University of Michigan, so I can thank them for this interesting article on the Free Electrical Engineering Textbook Initiative that Michigan is collaborating on with UC Berkeley and the University of Utah. So far, they have produced three textbooks, which are available to instructors now, and will become available to students on July 1. For more information, see: