Overcome the Troubleshooting and Link Training Challenges of 100GBASE-KR/CR

Blog Post created by stmichel Employee on Dec 5, 2017

Data centers are growing to meet customer demands for higher bandwidth. The #100GBASE-KR/CR backplane and copper interfaces help solve these higher demand issues. However, a faster Ethernet backplane means greater challenges for engineers. The link training decoder helps engineers to manage system integration problems.


The new N8851A solution supports 100GBASE-KR/CR systems integrators who work with #Ethernet backplane and copper technology. This decoder provides important link training information that addresses issues from channel loss and system integration.Customers using backplane technologies can use this decoder to troubleshoot issues between different 100GBASE-KR/CR vendor solutions.


Get 64b/66b decoder along with a link training decoder in one solution - screenshot


The N8851A is the only solution today with both 64b/66b decoder along with a link training decoder. The N8851A solution enables engineers to decode 64b/66b data and link training data in less than 30 seconds.

The #link training signaling, also known as Differential Manchester Encoding (DME), provides detailed information on control channels such as status update and coefficient registers.


This solution includes a suite of configurable protocol-level searches and software-based triggering specific to 64b/66b and link training of Ethernet technologies such as 100GBASE-KR/CR. The N8851A is the only tool that allows for 64b/66b decoding and link training in one solution.


The multi-tab protocol viewer includes correlation between the waveforms and the selected packet, enabling users to quickly move between the physical and protocol layer information using the time-correlated tracking marker. The 64b/66b and link training decoder is compatible with 100GBASE-KR/CR Ethernet busses.


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