Silicon Photonics - How Optical Test Works at the Wafer, Bar and Chip Stage

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Silicon Photonics - Optical Test on  PCB, wafer, IC and chip



Progress in photonic integrated circuit (#PIC) technology and applications is accelerating with the onset of an industrial ecosystem comprised of #InP and #SiP foundries, commercial modeling tools, and photonic test capability. Bringing optical test deeper from package level into the semiconductor process is an important step to assure performance and yield.  A key aspect of testing at the wafer, bar and chip stage is fast reproducible optical coupling, including probe-position optimization and polarization alignment. Advanced methods and instruments developed for the fiber optic communications industry are now being adapted for this new environment. In this webcast, we will give an introduction to PICs and the silicon photonic industry as well as current challenges which must address a mixture of DC, RF and photonics testing.

 A new webcast recording provides insights into the basic considerations in #silicon photonic test.


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Topics covered here:


  • What are Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)?
  • 2.54 Tb/s Network on a Chip
  • Photonic IC Waveguides
  • PIC Design Flow
  • Finding PIC Defects
  • Test Laser Sources
  • Optimizing Measurements  for High Dynamic Range Lasers
  • Wavelength Testing Photodetectors
  • Responsivity versus Wavelength and Polarization
  • Complete Optoelectronic Test
  • Wafer Level Photonics Probing
  • Probe Design