Tutorial Series: Enabling 400G/ 1T Coherent Transmission - Part 1

Blog Post created by stmichel Employee on Jun 7, 2017

Enabling 400G / 1T coherent communications requires the generation and analysis of test signals using more complex modulation formats such as 64-QAM and higher symbol rates up to 64 GBd. Reaching these speeds imposes much higher requirements on each of the individual parts of a data transmission system. It becomes increasingly important to test the characteristics of each component of the system in order to accurately calibrate for frequency responses, skews and nonlinearities. Here you'll learn everything you need to know on the generation and analysis of coherent test signals that will allow you to increase link speeds beyond 400 Gb/s  and up to 1 Tb/s over  existing networks, while reducing the overall cost-per-bit of transmission.


In Part 1 you'll get to know the possible paths to 400G as proposed by OIF and their characteristics.