Clock recovery for BER analysis of PAM-4 signals 

Blog Post created by stmichel Employee on May 17, 2017

PAM-4 signaling is a very popular data format for high-speed communication links in datacenters. A clock recovery unit is needed for transmitter and receiver characterization. Many PAM-4 SERDES use retimers so the clock must be recovered from the data stream.

Keysight provides electrical and optical clock recovery solutions that operate with PAM-4 and NRZ signals up to 32 GBaud, the N1076A and N1077A.


Block Diagram of Clock Recovery with N1077A, M8046A NRZ and PAM4 Signals up to 32 GBaud


New is that these clock recovery units can be controlled also from the M8070A system software for BER test solutions.


GUI of M8070A SW with clock recovery for NRZ and PAM4 signals up to 32 Gbaud

 M8070A System Software  with Clock Recovery


This simplifies accurate receiver characterization by automating jitter tolerance measurements using the M8040A high-performance BERT for PAM-4 and NRZ together with the clock recovery.


Find out more about the M8040A 64 GBaud high-performance BERT.