• One Step Away from 5G

    One of the challenges with introducing a revolutionary new technology is that people want to be able to use it right away. They don’t want to have to wait to enjoy its promised benefits. 5G is a good example: it...
    Marie Hattar
    created by Marie Hattar
  • Why is Keysight a Great Place to Work

    It’s official: Keysight Technologies is now certified as a Great Place to Work by the leading global authority on high trust, high-performance workplace cultures. Great Places to Work® surveyed our employee...
    Marie Hattar
    created by Marie Hattar
  • Keysight CSR: A millennial’s perspective

    As a millennial, I want to work for a company that meets three top criteria: 1. Offers innovative work opportunities 2. Has an ethical and prestigious business reputation 3. Maintains realistic environmental an...
    Diana Harter
    created by Diana Harter
  • Keysight’s lesser-known sustainability secret: Goats!

      In my short time with Keysight at Santa Rosa, I’ve been amazed by its attention to sustainable environmental practices. Signs dot the lawn indicating “Recycled (non-potable) water used here.”...
    Diana Harter
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  • Industry Must Step Up to Educate Today’s Educators for Future STEM Workforce

    If my 35-year career in the tech industry has taught me anything, it is that we need to educate children in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills NOW to prepare them for our future tomorrow. If we m...
    Pat Harper
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  • Data Center Infrastructure – It’s Puzzling

    One common trait of many engineers is that we are naturally curious and enjoy exercising our brains. Take math for example, I always found solving math problems on par with solving a puzzle, and might even go as far t...
    Nicole Faubert
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  • Moving targets: Addressing some of the biggest 5G challenges

    As discussed in recent blogs, 5G’s momentum is unstoppable, with trials by commercial operators due to be in place in several cities globally this year. But despite the technology’s rapid advances and the ...
    Marie Hattar
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  • 400GE is Revolutionary, Not Evolutionary

    Next generation optical transceivers are expected to use less power per gigabit, be less expensive per gigabit, and operate at four times the speed of 100GE transceivers. It is rather puzzling how 400GE transceivers w...
    Nicole Faubert
    created by Nicole Faubert
  • Testing the Hearts of Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

    A good idea is never lost, as Thomas Edison said. At the turn of the 20th century, nearly 30% of all cars manufactured in the US were electric-powered, but by the 1920s they had effectively disappeared, thanks to chea...
    Joel Conover
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  • Never too late: Pull up a chair to the energy conservation table

    As a technology corporation, there are many tables to consider claiming a seat at. Economic policy boards, 3GPP standards bodies, other corporate boards, chambers of commerce – the list is endless. But there is ...
    Mike Viskovich
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  • Helping to transform our world – sustainably

    It has never been more important for businesses to consider the impact their operations have on the environment. For example, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 30% of total U.S. greenhouse ga...
    Marie Hattar
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  • Test Asset Optimization: enabling more efficient, cost-effective benches

    The business maxim “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it” is also a pretty good definition of the value of test when developing new products and technologies. That’s why for many...
    Marie Hattar
    created by Marie Hattar
  • Mining the Blockchain – Part I

    Cryptocurrency news roared in like a lion in 2018. As 2017 came to a close, Bitcoin shares briefly peaked over $19,000 USD. It got me to thinking, a lot.   I made a mental note: I should have bought BTC a year e...
    Jeff Harris
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  • Mining the Blockchain – Part II

    A couple of weeks ago, Jeff Harris wrote the first of a series of blogs on Blockchain. In this second installment, I build on his overview and explore the methods used to create a trusted distributed ledger. To develo...
    Joel Conover
    created by Joel Conover
  • Data, Data, Who’s Got the Data?

    It happened to me again today. Someone asked me for information that I know I have on my hard drive, somewhere in my archival “system.” All I had to do was find the file and send it to the person and ...
    Bob Witte
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  • 5G roll-out will be a marathon, not a sprint

    It feels like it’s been a long time coming, but 5G is nearly here. After the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) published the first specifications in December 2017, 5G gained real momentum following its s...
    Marie Hattar
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  • Five Questions to Guide the Outfitting of an Outstanding Millimeter-wave Lab

    Only a few years ago, six billion hertz was plenty to manage Facebook, WeChat, and YouTube. But mobile wireless owns a fraction of that six billion so we are driving to frequencies far beyond what many of us consider ...
    Roger Nichols
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  • Global issues are real: What is Keysight doing to help train tomorrow’s problem solvers?

    It’s estimated that more of the global population own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. This simple statistic highlights the gulf between how advanced our technology has become, and the scale of the global probl...
    Marie Hattar
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  • GDPR brings a fundamental shift in how corporations approach data privacy

    In recent weeks, my inbox has been filled with daily reminders of how far data privacy has come. The E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) became effective May 25, and multinational corporations...
    Brendan Kelleher
    created by Brendan Kelleher
  • Uber, Beer and Keysight

    On a recent Uber ride in Colorado Springs, my driver was a retiree of Anheuser-Busch, who recently started his Uber career mostly for the social aspects of the job. With pride, he talked about the start of his career ...
    Sandra Cipriani
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