• Keysight CSR: Accelerating Innovation to Shape the Future – Responsibly

    Our world is already more interconnected than ever before, and that connectivity is still increasing. Innovations in networks, electronics and communications are transforming our global landscape, and how we interact,...
    Marie Hattar
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  • Earth Day 2018 and Natural Resource Conservation Learning. Not Just for the Next Generation.

    As I reflect on the recently passed Earth Day 2018, I was reminded of conversations I have had with my daughter as she was growing up, about sustainability and care for earth’s ecosystem. When she was born, I re...
    created by ClaireMcCarthy
  • Uber, Art and Keysight

    On my Uber rides, I talk to drivers who are artists supplementing their income while establishing themselves in the world of painting, drawing, sculpting or photography. Recently, I talked with an Uber driver artist a...
    Sandra Cipriani
    created by Sandra Cipriani
  • Keysight and Queen’s University Belfast partner to drive the next generation of millimeter-wave research

    How can our ever-growing numbers of digital devices communicate at even higher data rates, with lower latency and wider coverage than they do today? These are the questions that advanced wireless technologies such as ...
    Marie Hattar
    created by Marie Hattar
  • Testing Next Generation Networks – A Look at OSI and TCP/IP Models

    In April 2017, one year ago to date, Keysight announced the closing of the acquisition of Ixia. It was positioned as a perfect complement for testing and monitoring next generation networking technologies. As an engin...
    Nicole Faubert
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  • 400GE Innovations at OFC 2018 – Enabling 5G and IoT

    Emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality(AR)/(VR) and autonomous vehicles are driving big data and traffic explosion beyond 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ...
    Nicole Faubert
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  • Bridging the 5G Standards Gap – between Now and Summer

    Since 3GPP announced the first set of 5G standards in December 2017, we’ve seen an explosion of high-profile 5G demonstrations – notably Verizon’s showcase of 5G low latency capability at the Super B...
    Kalyan Sundhar
    created by Kalyan Sundhar
  • 5th Generation – it’s not just for mobile anymore

    Yes, please keep reading…  Keysight, a leader in wireless technologies offers complete solutions for technologies such as 5G test beds, over the air (OTA) and many other 5G wireless related technologies. H...
    Brig Asay
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  • Making STEM Visible to Children through Invisible Forces – Figuratively and Literally!

    The future of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) starts with children today. Plain and simple. Many studies have detailed the need to build interest in STEM fields early in childhood education to ensure ...
    Rice Williams
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  • The future of design: Integrating services into product development

    When Thomas J. Watson, Jr., the former president of IBM said in a 1973 lecture that “good design is good business,” he was acknowledging the impact design had made on IBM’s fortunes during the 1950s ...
    Jeff Harris
    created by Jeff Harris
  • Uber, Knitting and Keysight

    Occasionally, I take Uber rides and they are almost always a guarantee for fascinating conversation, allowing me insights into very different industries and topics, yet always discovering connections to the industry I...
    Sandra Cipriani
    created by Sandra Cipriani
  • Accelerating Innovation: Keysight’s Solutions Scoop Two Leading Awards

    It is always exciting when the advanced capabilities of your solutions are recognized with prominent industry accolades. So, we were understandably delighted to have recently won major awards for two of our testing pr...
    Marie Hattar
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  • The Product Development Platform Revolution

    In February of 2018, Keysight unveiled its vision for a new design and test engineering platform. Named “PathWave”, this platform will improve productivity and accelerate time-to-market by linking par...
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  • Data Centers on Wheels

    As vehicles pack in more and more technology, such as remote diagnostics, on-board GPS, collision avoidance systems, Wi-Fi hotspots for connectivity, cameras and yes, autonomous driving systems, it’s no sur...
    Jeff Harris
    created by Jeff Harris
  • Pokémon GO Foreshadows the Real Killer Apps in Our 5G Future

    I recall detailed conversations during the 2G-to-3G and 3G-to-4G transitions about the elusive “killer app” that would drive the ROI for a better mobile phone system. Our transition to 5G technology is no ...
    Roger Nichols
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  • Where did my network perimeter go? Five steps to ensure persistent security.

    Having a strong perimeter for protection has been a core security strategy for centuries, and it’s still the basic foundation for network security today. Enterprises traditionally focus most of their security ef...
    Jeff Harris
    created by Jeff Harris
  • Taking Responsibility for Our Own Unconscious Bias

    My network of fellow women engineers continues to be a huge support for me, something that began when I was studying Electrical Engineering and was one of just a handful of women in the classroom. Recently I was ...
    Erica Messinger
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  • MWC 2018 Reflections:  The 5G Wave is Building Fast

    I just got back from the giant Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, and the main impression I took away was that the 5G future is arriving fast, with momentum building for the first rollouts of new services and d...
    Marie Hattar
    created by Marie Hattar
  • CSR, CSR, Who’s Got the CSR – The Hot Potato Conundrum of Corporate Social Responsibility Governance

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a complex program with matrixed organizational ownership and accountabilities, making it difficult for any one function to successfully manage it. As a result, it is often boun...
    Michele Robinson
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  • Extracting Insights from Your Messy Data

    If I close my eyes, lean back in my chair and take a breath, I can almost hear the echoes of kids’ voices. Tri-fold cardboard displays and colorful ribbons are splayed across rows of folding tables. I’...
    Brad Doerr
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