• Never too late: Pull up a chair to the energy conservation table

    As a technology corporation, there are many tables to consider claiming a seat at. Economic policy boards, 3GPP standards bodies, other corporate boards, chambers of commerce – the list is endless. But there is ...
    Mike Viskovich
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  • Global issues are real: What is Keysight doing to help train tomorrow’s problem solvers?

    It’s estimated that more of the global population own a mobile phone than a toothbrush. This simple statistic highlights the gulf between how advanced our technology has become, and the scale of the global probl...
    Marie Hattar
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  • GDPR brings a fundamental shift in how corporations approach data privacy

    In recent weeks, my inbox has been filled with daily reminders of how far data privacy has come. The E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) became effective May 25, and multinational corporations...
    Brendan Kelleher
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  • Uber, Beer and Keysight

    On a recent Uber ride in Colorado Springs, my driver was a retiree of Anheuser-Busch, who recently started his Uber career mostly for the social aspects of the job. With pride, he talked about the start of his career ...
    Sandra Cipriani
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  • Keysight CSR: Accelerating Innovation to Shape the Future – Responsibly

    Our world is already more interconnected than ever before, and that connectivity is still increasing. Innovations in networks, electronics and communications are transforming our global landscape, and how we interact,...
    Marie Hattar
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  • Earth Day 2018 and Natural Resource Conservation Learning. Not Just for the Next Generation.

    As I reflect on the recently passed Earth Day 2018, I was reminded of conversations I have had with my daughter as she was growing up, about sustainability and care for earth’s ecosystem. When she was born, I re...
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  • Making STEM Visible to Children through Invisible Forces – Figuratively and Literally!

    The future of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) starts with children today. Plain and simple. Many studies have detailed the need to build interest in STEM fields early in childhood education to ensure ...
    Rice Williams
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  • Taking Responsibility for Our Own Unconscious Bias

    My network of fellow women engineers continues to be a huge support for me, something that began when I was studying Electrical Engineering and was one of just a handful of women in the classroom. Recently I was ...
    Erica Messinger
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  • CSR, CSR, Who’s Got the CSR – The Hot Potato Conundrum of Corporate Social Responsibility Governance

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a complex program with matrixed organizational ownership and accountabilities, making it difficult for any one function to successfully manage it. As a result, it is often boun...
    Michele Robinson
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  • Extracting Insights from Your Messy Data

    If I close my eyes, lean back in my chair and take a breath, I can almost hear the echoes of kids’ voices. Tri-fold cardboard displays and colorful ribbons are splayed across rows of folding tables. I’...
    Brad Doerr
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  • A Tribute to Those Who Inspired Us to Throw a Triumphant Technical Party

    The tables were turned on this well-documented “5G Symposium Critic” last month. This began last spring, when I am sure I visibly flinched when our group president said, “Let’s have a 5G Summit...
    Roger Nichols
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  • The "Aha" Moment – Are You a Skeptic of Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Success?

    In a previous post, Keysight’s Senior Vice President Corporate Services and CSR Executive Sponsor Hamish Gray discussed the six-step journey Keysight took to evolve our CSR program and to meet emerging trends. I...
    Michele Robinson
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  • A New Model for Corporate Governance is Emerging. Is Your Social Responsibility Program Ready for It?

    As I mentioned in a recent post, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – also referred to as corporate citizenship or sustainability – has morphed from the right thing to do several years ago to a business...
    Hamish Gray
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility – Not Only Right Thing To Do, a Business Imperative

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – also referred to as corporate citizenship or sustainability – has morphed from the right thing to do several years ago to a business imperative today, requiring deta...
    Hamish Gray
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  • Leadership under fire: Lessons in the aftermath of the Santa Rosa fires

    When the Tubbs fire, dubbed the most destructive and costly in California history, swept through Santa Rosa, we at Keysight found ourselves on ground zero of the mandatory evacuation zone, rushing to assess impact to ...
    Elizabeth Geary
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  • Be Bold and Apply Data Analytics to Operational Data: Your KPIs will Thank You

    There are two types of business assets: tangible and intangible. Your largest set of tangible assets is a major line item in your financials: plant, property and equipment (PPE), which includes test equipment. These d...
    Daniel Mak
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  • Don’t Be Afraid to Jump Into Data Analytics for Test & Measurement

    It’s safe to say the application of data analytics to test & measurement (T&M) is lagging behind what’s happening in the financial, insurance and retail industries. However, as an optimist, I view ...
    Brad Doerr
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  • Boost Your Business Results by Applying Data Analytics to Design and Test

    Data analytics is an emerging technology that is getting a lot of attention in the press these days. As with many exciting technologies, there is a mix of real opportunity surrounded by a lot of hype. While it is some...
    Bob Witte
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  • Listen Up Men! Unconscious Bias is Real, And Rectifiable.  Here’s How.

    When Google employee James Damore sent out an internal memo questioning his company’s diversity policies, he likely didn’t expect that it would go viral. It did. In its wake, a firestorm of discussion emer...
    Pat Harper
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  • Why it’s Time to Outsource Instrument Calibration: Six Benefits

    Some businesses view instrument calibration as a best practice, others view it as a compliance issue driven by industry standards, contractual agreements, or certification requirements. In all cases, there’s a d...
    Eric Taylor
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