• Data, Data, Who’s Got the Data?

    It happened to me again today. Someone asked me for information that I know I have on my hard drive, somewhere in my archival “system.” All I had to do was find the file and send it to the person and ...
    Bob Witte
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  • 400GE Innovations at OFC 2018 – Enabling 5G and IoT

    Emerging technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality(AR)/(VR) and autonomous vehicles are driving big data and traffic explosion beyond 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ...
    Nicole Faubert
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  • The Product Development Platform Revolution

    In February of 2018, Keysight unveiled its vision for a new design and test engineering platform. Named “PathWave”, this platform will improve productivity and accelerate time-to-market by linking par...
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  • Extracting Insights from Your Messy Data

    If I close my eyes, lean back in my chair and take a breath, I can almost hear the echoes of kids’ voices. Tri-fold cardboard displays and colorful ribbons are splayed across rows of folding tables. I’...
    Brad Doerr
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  • Don’t Be Afraid to Jump Into Data Analytics for Test & Measurement

    It’s safe to say the application of data analytics to test & measurement (T&M) is lagging behind what’s happening in the financial, insurance and retail industries. However, as an optimist, I view ...
    Brad Doerr
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  • Boost Your Business Results by Applying Data Analytics to Design and Test

    Data analytics is an emerging technology that is getting a lot of attention in the press these days. As with many exciting technologies, there is a mix of real opportunity surrounded by a lot of hype. While it is some...
    Bob Witte
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  • The Collaborative Side of Innovation: How Manufacturers and Measurement Partners are Changing the World

    Bill Hewlett used to say that measurement is the key to changing behavior. For example, if a driver wants to consume less gasoline in a car, measuring how driving habits affect gas mileage is the way to go. If a homeo...
    Sigi Gross
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  • Accelerate Your Digital Design with “Model, Measure & Know”

    The ability to accurately measure and quantify a digital design is essential to actually knowing what’s going on. A fellow named William Thomson, better known as Lord Kelvin, captured this concept in one of my f...
    Bob Witte
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  • High-frequency, high-speed design revolution: Why today’s design and test flow may soon be obsolete

    A tectonic shift is underway in how electronic products are being designed and tested. The change is being driven by customer requirements for product performance and the communications technologies needed to meet tho...
    Todd Cutler
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  • 4 tools that make it possible to design for manufacturing

    Most of the students who take my Executive MBA class are working for companies that have an ocean and several time zones between their R&D and manufacturing teams. They’ll spend their careers looking for way...
    Pat Harper
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  • Three keys to building a "design for manufacturing" process that actually works

    I saw a recent LinkedIn study that says most millennials who graduate from college this year will work for four different companies in the first decade of their career. I’m guessing my MBA students are amused wh...
    Pat Harper
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  • Corporate collaboration: four best practices from test and measurement in education

    Technology breakthroughs often have early beginnings in academia.  Take for example Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard who founded the electronics business that is now Keysight Technologies. It was during Hewlett̵...
    Kent Carey
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