Nicole Faubert

Data Center Infrastructure – It’s Puzzling

Blog Post created by Nicole Faubert Employee on Jul 31, 2018

One common trait of many engineers is that we are naturally curious and enjoy exercising our brains. Take math for example, I always found solving math problems on par with solving a puzzle, and might even go as far to say, ‘math is fun’. This was in direct contrast to my younger sister who loathed everything math related and went on to become a university professor in English literature. Mastering language was her idea of fun.


As I transitioned in my career from highly technical systems engineering for optical networks 20 years ago, to now marketing data center solutions at Keysight, I have gained a profound new respect for language. Surrounded by colleagues with PhDs in physics and engineering, I have come to realize that they sometimes speak a language of their own filled with abbreviations and acronyms that not everyone understands.  


Abbreviations and acronyms have been around since the beginning of written language. In our efforts to communicate more quickly with one another, we instinctively use abbreviations and acronyms out of convenience. It seems that every industry has its own language filled with commonly used terms. As I write white papers and content for Data Center Infrastructure solutions, I pay close attention to spell out the first instance of any acronyms used and to define them wherever possible. Over time, I have compiled 14 pages of data center infrastructure related terms and their definitions. No matter how technically savvy you are, I think you will find this document handy. Download your copy and let me know if I missed any important terms?


For those of you who still enjoy puzzles, here is a fun word search of a dozen common terms I use almost every day related to data center infrastructure solutions. See if you can find them in the puzzle below and look them up in the Data Center Infrastructure Glossary of Terms if you want to learn how we define them here at Keysight.