Changes to Keysight's High-Speed Digitizer Portfolio

Blog Post created by FrankC Employee on Oct 18, 2017

On August 1st 2017, Keysight restructured its high-speed digitizer portfolio to focus on PXIe/AXIe products. At that time, Acqiris SA became the sole supplier of Keysight's historic PCIe-based digitizers, focused on OEM applications in industries such as life sciences and imaging. Customers looking for the PCIe blog can now find it at


With regards to discontinued PCIe-based digitizers, Keysight has retained ownership and continues to be the first point of contact for repair and calibration services. As such, customers should continue to work with their local Keysight sales/application engineer or local Technical Contact Center if they need assistance.


For clarity, the lists below show which models are supported by Keysight, and which are supported by Acqiris.


Keysight Technologies - Active Products:
      M9203A      M9703B      M9709A      M9710A      U1092A      U5300A      U5340A


Keysight Technologies - Discontinued / Supported Products:
      M9202A      M9210A      M9211A      M9703A      U1050A      U1051A      U1056B      U1056C

      U1062A      U1063A      U1064A       U1065A      U1066A      U1067A      U1068A      U1069A

      U1070A      U1071A      U1080A       U1081A      U1082A      U1083A      U1091A      U1093A


Acqiris SA:
      U1061A      U1084A      U5203A       U5303A      U5309A      U5310A



For more information about Keysight AXie and PXie solutions, please call or e-mail your nearest Contact Center. Details of your nearest center can be found at