Which High-Speed Digitizer Acquisition Mode Would Best Meet Your Requirements? (2/2)

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TSR option: Triggered Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout



The purpose of the TSR option is to acquire in multi-record mode and read the data simultaneously.

This solution allows longer acquisition compared with a standard DGT and it is dedicated to applications requiring no trigger loss.



In a Triggered Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout TSR, the readout of the data is performed during the acquisition. The readout can be performed as soon as a programmable number of records is acquired.

Each record is triggered by an external or software trigger.


 TSR Acquisition Mode



TSR Acquisition Mode


After initiating the acquisition, when the 1st trigger occurs, the digitizer module records data and stores it into a circular buffer which can be read simultaneously.


In TSR mode, the data rate can be sustained without losing any trigger. The maximum performances of the system depend on the record size and trigger rate of the application.

The triggers can be periodic or not. In addition, TSR solution is very efficient for applications with high trigger rate during a limited period followed by a gap before the next trigger burst.


Supported models 

M9703B, M9203A



TSR option implements an optimal and automated control of memory addressing. It results in an easy to use solution if compared with solutions requiring memory bank management.

Moreover, the user does not need to select the number of records dividing the memory which is automatically defined by the driver provided with the digitizer and depends on the memory option and the number of samples per records.

For maximum performance, it is recommended to optimize the number of record to be acquired before the readout starts. Typically, if the number of samples per record is low, reading several records in one single Direct Memory Access (DMA) optimize the DMA transfer, with a compromise between memory readout frequency and PCIe delay.


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