Oscilloscope or Digitizer for Wideband analysis - Why care?

Blog Post created by HighSpeedADC on Mar 15, 2017

This presentation describes the differences between digitizer and oscilloscope measurements and explains how the trade-offs will impact your wideband measurement results.

Wider communication bandwidths are used more and more to keep up with the changes in wireless communication standards as well as for many aerospace & defense industry programs. Regardless of the carrier frequency, digitizers and oscilloscopes are key tools for wideband analysis. The challenges associated with wideband measurements lead us to think differently about our measurement instrument selection because using the correct approach will greatly improve your measurement results.

Key topics:

  • Differences in measurement fidelity
  • How to address automation or events and triggering
  • How to identify glitches or infrequent events
  • The best way to implement multi-channel, coherent measurements

Use cases from wireless and A/D applications will be included.


To access the presentation click here.


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