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High-Speed ADC Made Easy

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On August 1st 2017, Keysight restructured its high-speed digitizer portfolio to focus on PXIe/AXIe products. At that time, Acqiris SA became the sole supplier of Keysight's historic PCIe-based digitizers, focused on OEM applications in industries such as life sciences and imaging. Customers looking for the PCIe blog can now find it at… (Show more)
in High-Speed ADC Made Easy
TSR option: Triggered Simultaneous Acquisition and Readout   Purpose The purpose of the TSR option is to acquire in multi-record mode and read the data simultaneously. This solution allows longer acquisition compared with a standard DGT and it is dedicated to applications requiring no trigger loss.   Principle In a Triggered Simultaneous… (Show more)
in High-Speed ADC Made Easy