"Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #3 Winner!

Blog Post created by StevenLee Employee on Nov 14, 2017

Our "Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #3 winner is John Hubert.


Here is John's story:

I work for a RF transmitter company called Nautel Ltd., my time is spent doing customer service testing and repairing of circuit boards. I personally feel the image included says a lot but I can say that this power supply would go a long way to improving my bench space. Since I work with RF many of our systems require multiple power supplies of different voltage levels. Most of these boards are very sensitive to voltage noise as they create reference voltages which cause me untold grief with some of these poorly regulated noisy supplies. The data logging features would greatly increase the information available to help me troubleshoot some issues. I also find myself having to simulate fault conditions and inputs; the sequencing and list features would greatly improve my ability to quickly test boards with complex inputs, as manually adjusting voltages usually cause timing problems. I have been trying to get my department head to purchase some of these units and I feel if I could show the company the quality of life and performance improvements built into your device we might be able to justify purchasing new equipment. A while ago we acquired an EXA spectrum analyzer 9010B and it has been a rock solid piece of equipment and a joy to use, it has become the favorite to use by many my fellow co-workers. I thank you for your time and consideration. 


Congratulations John.  We are sending you our branding new E36312A!


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