"Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #2 Winner!

Blog Post created by titbin Employee on Sep 27, 2017

our "Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #2 winner is Basanta Bhattarai from Helsinki, Finland!  Basanta's story is about how the E36312A will be able to provide safe and reliable power for his drone project. 


Here's Basanta's story:

I am studying electronic engineering. We use Agilent oscilloscope from couple of years and now that there are new ones (with named Keysight now), I just love them.


I am hobbyist designer and electronic enthusiastic. I love building things at free time YET, I am limited by things like power supply and oscilloscope which I am desperate to have since long time now. Being student its costly to fund living and fund my hobby also. Most of the designing and proper powering ,I do it in college.  Untill today when I heard this new of giving away and I immediately started writing this.


Most of the opamps i have are dual +-power supply. I use it most of the time and without dedicated power supply its quite hard to manage (but not impossible).


I love playing around with embedded technology which is sensitive to supply power and it would be easier to have dedicated power supply to work with them. This is a temperature sensor using PIC microcontroller


Temperature sensor using PIC microcontroller


This is quite badly made and soldered board but works.


I am also building drone from scratch and it has this battery (gifted by friend) with banana connector for charging. Even for li-po battery its easier to have dedicated power supply to work smoothly and easily. Although i have this old charger which works well.


Drone battery


There are cheap modules for stepping up voltage which i have been using in my projects.



I am planning to have my power supply bench made using this power supply which has various power supply ranger and more importantly negative voltage (-VE) also. But its quite risky to use such self made PSU’s.




I am also enthusiastic in RF field and would be easier to have dedicated power supply to step up power transfer in self build fm transmitter circuit which i am currently working on using 2N2904 and power amplifier. Beside self build I also have fun with these prebuild modules which are really fun to work with.


FM transmitter 

I would really love to have Keysight product in my desk beside me, reminding every time I sit in front of my table for doing projects. Yes, at least I have a good power supply to work with.


End of story.



Congratulations Basanta.  We are sending you our branding new E36312A!


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