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our "Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #2 winner is Basanta Bhattarai from Helsinki, Finland!  Basanta's story is about how the E36312A will be able to provide safe and reliable power for his drone project. 


Here's Basanta's story:

I am studying electronic engineering. We use Agilent oscilloscope from couple of years and now that there are new ones (with named Keysight now), I just love them.


I am hobbyist designer and electronic enthusiastic. I love building things at free time YET, I am limited by things like power supply and oscilloscope which I am desperate to have since long time now. Being student its costly to fund living and fund my hobby also. Most of the designing and proper powering ,I do it in college.  Untill today when I heard this new of giving away and I immediately started writing this.


Most of the opamps i have are dual +-power supply. I use it most of the time and without dedicated power supply its quite hard to manage (but not impossible).


I love playing around with embedded technology which is sensitive to supply power and it would be easier to have dedicated power supply to work with them. This is a temperature sensor using PIC microcontroller


Temperature sensor using PIC microcontroller


This is quite badly made and soldered board but works.


I am also building drone from scratch and it has this battery (gifted by friend) with banana connector for charging. Even for li-po battery its easier to have dedicated power supply to work smoothly and easily. Although i have this old charger which works well.


Drone battery


There are cheap modules for stepping up voltage which i have been using in my projects.



I am planning to have my power supply bench made using this power supply which has various power supply ranger and more importantly negative voltage (-VE) also. But its quite risky to use such self made PSU’s.




I am also enthusiastic in RF field and would be easier to have dedicated power supply to step up power transfer in self build fm transmitter circuit which i am currently working on using 2N2904 and power amplifier. Beside self build I also have fun with these prebuild modules which are really fun to work with.


FM transmitter 

I would really love to have Keysight product in my desk beside me, reminding every time I sit in front of my table for doing projects. Yes, at least I have a good power supply to work with.


End of story.



Congratulations Basanta.  We are sending you our branding new E36312A!


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Our "Power Up Your Bench Contest" Week #1 winner is Rushiraj Jawale from University of Mumbai, India!  His story is about how the E36300's dual and triple output will be able to power his differential amplifiers and op amp based designs. 


Here's Rushiraj's story:


Power supply and power management are the two most important things in any electronics product. However, most of the engineers while making projects ignore these two aspects of electronics.


Im a recent graduate student of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. I started with electronic projects when I was in my high school so I have a good experience in electronics (5+ years). As someone who has recently graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, I will be talking about the importance of power supplies from the student point of view and how often we ignore the test and measurement domain in the university curriculum. As the engineering students are future engineers they need to understand the importance of power supplies.


Personally, I have faced a lot of problems while working with projects. I have been designing analog circuits and RF circuits (Amatuer radio) since last 3 years. In circuits where a single power supply is needed, they are easy to power using a battery or a AC-DC switching adapter or a normal single output bench supply. But certain circuits like differential amplifiers and op amp based designs often require dual power supply for their operation. Using a single power supply causes the AC output of the amplifier to get clipped. To get the full voltage swing in the output dual power supplies are needed.


Now the most common method employed to get a dual output supply from a single output bench power supply is to use two single output benches such that the negative terminal of the single output bench is connected to the positive terminal of the other single output supply and this common connection is used as a ground for the supply.

Here’s a diagram explaining the connections



This method of generating a dual supply output can damage both the supplies. Because in order to connect the two supplies in the above manner the output voltage of the supplies has to be same otherwise, there are chances that the supply will get damaged. Another limitation is that you can

only generate a +V/-V output from this. For example, +5V/-5V, or +12V/-12V, etc. You cannot generate outputs like +5V/-3V or +12V/-5V, etc type of outputs.


What would I do with it?


Now thats where the new Keysight E36312A triple output power supply comes into picture. It offers excellent specifications with a triple output. Programmable power supplies are better than conventional ones as you can get a higher degree of precision. Not just that, it also offers OVP, OCP, OTP protection for the circuit.

I would like to use the E36312A supply for testing my projects like the 20/40/80 metre band HAM transceivers and om amp circuits. Currently, I dont own a bench power supply as they are costly and I cannot afford to buy one. I use switching adapters as a power supply. A programmable triple output power supply would be a great addition to my Electronics Lab. Yes, I have a small Electronics lab at my home which I set up in the year 2013. If I win the new Keysight E36312A bench supply it will be the first big thing in my lab and it will certainly help me in powering my future projects. It will POWER UP MY BENCH. Also, load line regulation, ripple rejection and noise are a problem in power adapters and they cause interference in RF circuits. This will help me to test my transmitters are receivers without any noise.


So, before I start working on new project, LET ME POWER UP MY BENCH FIRST with the new Keysight 36312A Bench power supply.


End of story


Congratulations Rushiraj.  You'll be receiving your E36312A soon!


Don't miss out.  Submit your entries now to win our brand new E36312A Triple Output DC Power Supply!


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